1102. Cry Wilderness (1987)

I reacted the same. A Tiger in the Pacific Northwest is prime MST3K. Confounding, confusing, and generally entertaining. Then there’s Paul, Bigfoot, and the Great Outdoors.


Crow voice:


[tiger strolls in]



THIS should be the Criterion Cover!!! Or Vinegar Syndrome or Arrow. I LOVE THIS!!!


P.S. The first sentence is a joke!!!

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Remember? “Self-bury monster.”

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I feel like bigfoot is going to menacingly cover his eyes like in this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure opening…

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The sequel to Cry Wilderness is going to be awesome.

One question only Paul can answer:

If Morgan melted, that means dozens of characters can melt in the same spot. Even if the filmmakers can’t afford a complete Bigfoot costume, we have a cool mystery.

Did the drinking bikers all die? It wasn’t a tiger roar they heard before they were attacked or scared off.

:musical_note: Just remember that you’re not supposed to be here. :musical_note:

Ok. The closing credits theme is probably right. I’m going to go watch something else.


If Morgan was the dudely equivalent of a Snow Maiden, that’s a WHOLE 'nother mythology to process and expound upon.

Bring on the U.S. version of the little Mystical Mushroom Guy.

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You actually thought of this!!! It’s obvious!!! The plot is strong and I love your angle. This is Cry Wilderness: Melt With Me. A Twin Peaks 80s Adventure into the inane world of the movie. All the loose ends get even looser. Is Morgan now one with the force? Or has he pulled a Daryl Hannah? Is Paul now the keeper of Bigfoot’s “White Light”? Has his teacher moved to Washington? Are Bigfoot’s premonitions now musical videos? Is the hysterical laughter turned into choreography? Oh Red Crow please show us!!!

I’m reminded of Cave Dwellars (1984). “Oh you mean the 80s.”


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That “Break My Stride” song. I STILL have the scars!! :sob:

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