1113. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't (1966)

I was familiar with the Christmas That Almost Wasn’t long before MST3K for a good reason.

It was a staple of HBO and HBO Family during the 1980s and 1990s. Every Christmas, those cable networks would run this movie often in rotation.

It’s not bad by any means and is just as much a holiday movie as Die Hard and Home Alone.

That said, I’m pleased it was picked for MST3K and was a hoot. The animated opening credits were longer than what ran on the MST3K cut; I remember one part of the animation had Santa blowing into a chimney through a horn/tuba to blast Prune with a bunch of smoke dust.


Here is the opening song performed by Paul Tripp. It is longer than what was on the MST3K cut with more lyrics.

Catchy, isn’t it?


Watching a making-of for Cleopatra, and a familiar man-servant showed up!

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So, if i prove my middle name isn’t tightwad Santa will pay his rent?

I’m starting to understand this whole broke lawyer thing.


He’s a worse lawyer than All Elite Wrestling’s Mark Sterling!

Jonah: “Well we could start by-oh, I don’t know-BILLING SOME OF YOUR CLIENTS!!?”


He’s done some horror movies, as has Emily.


The singer sounds almost exactly like whoever dubbed the lawyer’s voice. Adds an extra layer of weird to the whole thing.


@Mike_Vids Much of a fan? Jonah’s Christmas Show?

Havent seen that

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