1204. The Day Time Ended (1980)


I’ve told this story elsewhere in the forums, but I might as well add it to the official topic for the episode:

I saw this movie as a child. My parents used to go over to their friends’ house for weekend movie nights, and the movies were really an odd assortment. This movie and Laserblast are among the ones I remember. But for years — nay decades — after I saw it, I had vague memories of a movie with a little dancing alien, a glowing pyramid, giant monsters fighting each other, and spaceships. I never could find a clip or synopsis of the movie, and I eventually convinced myself that I must have misremembered what had really been several different movies, because who would put all of those random things into a single film? And then came MST3K: The Gauntlet, and lo and behold, there’s The Day Time Ended, JUST LIKE I REMEMBERED IT.


This one is a lot of fun. Fair to say it’s throws a lot at you!

At first viewing, I was incredibly confused by all the constant plot changes, but then I started to get really interested by the parade of concepts. It’s like “What are you going to show me next, movie?” and “What new wrinkle will you suddenly bring on board?”. It’s quite a ride!


The Day Time Ended was 1980? I swear, it felt like I could carbon date it on sight to Aug. 7th, 1977

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Varying dates are attached to this. 1979, 1980. 1980 is the most consistent. So I went with that.

I liked this episode. The movie didn’t make any sense but it was still fun to watch Jonah and the bots riff it.

There was one thing that really didn’t make any sense - where was that futuristic house getting water?

Seriously, they are out in the Mojave Desert and deserts are DRY. Plus it seems to be remote so it’s not likely they are connected to any municipal water system. And what’s more - when we see exterior shots of the house, there’s no sign of a pumping system or windmill for water.

I wasn’t the first to notice this as Million Monkey Theater pointed it out in their take on the movie: The Day Time Ended (1979) – Full Movie Review! (millionmonkeytheater.com)


I had a friend with a house out in the desert and they had a truck deliver water and put it in a below-ground tank.


Any tanks for propane?

The earliest listed screening is at the Paris Festival of Fantastic Films in November 1979.

Though it’s been fixed now, for a while some dickweed had the role of the father listed as Chistopher Mitchum’s son Bentley. Since he would have been 12 at the time, it would have only been plausible if he had hit puberty really early.

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I assume that name is ironic.


Yes… “one” thing…