1206. Ator, The Fighting Eagle (1982)

It’s nice to know she enjoyed the return. I always thought she was an interesting person, coming from a legacy in show biz but not wanting to just ride that by itself.


I recall as if it were yesterday walking up to her with that Blu of 48 HRS (1982) and her ecstatic response. “MY FIRST JOB!!!” She had worked for Blake Edwards due to her marriage to his son Geoffrey but 48 HRS was the first thing she tried out for and got. She loved working on it and she thanked me for remembering her. I made her day.


This is a fun one. Especially on repeat viewing.


Of course i love the one-liners ala “Slippers for cats!” (See above)

But man the more complex riffs that are practically mini scenes are my favorite

“It’s a Margaret keen painting of a sad gibbon….”

That’s amazing

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