13.08 Bicycling Visual Skills

My internet decided to go wonky during last night’s show, so I missed most of it, but I did catch the new short, only to have the odd feeling that there was something familiar about it. Sure enough, part of it was filmed in my town.

Here’s the same spot today (via Google Street View):

And today:


Really enjoyed the riff of Bicycling Visual Skills very much!

“And the moral of the story is: Baseball isn’t worth it”


I liked the fact that they couldn’t just show us the instructional video, they had to show us an instructional video about kids watching an instructional video.


Did you find the giant translucent arrow?


I noticed yhe same thing, the school at the beiging was Dominion Jr. High that became Dominion Middle School when I was a student there around the time this must have been made. I was up in Columbus for my son’s swim meet and swung through Worthington, where the OPs pics were from and took a few shots of locations to show the wife and kids I wasn’t crazy when I said I recognized locations.

The giant arrow was actually on West 5th Ave in the 1800 or so block. The short lived Big Bite restarauant after International Towel Word (actually International Tire Warehouse) helped me nail down that location. The baseball accident was near the Grandview Park at W. 1st Ave. I also recognized a quick shot of 315 (objects in the rearview mirror look duller than they appear) and Kenney Rd near Lane Ave.

Ugh, limited to one image.

At the School, looking across the field.


The school, windows now blue and the shrubs are gone. Also the school is now World Language Middle School.



I was wondering which school that was! I couldn’t place it.

Here’s your arrow on 5th.


Is International Towel World still in business?

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Sadly it was International Tire Warehouse, which is no longer in business.