13 new episodes.

Thinking I might look up info just for curiosity’s sake, but yeah generally staying away from actually watching them in advance.

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If they have one movie (or two or several) that I’ve seen before, I’m gonna try to avoid watching what I’ve already seen.

That was the case with Mac and Me for Season 12. I saw the movie, but I didn’t want to seek it out again after learning that it was going to be MSTed. I forgot a lot of what I’ve seen (I only vaguely remembered that there were shenanigans at a McDonald’s), so a great deal of the movie escaped my memory, which made the MST3K viewing experience all the richer.


is the joel episodes lost ones ,or did kinga capture him again?

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De-aging tech a la The Irishman is probably still too costly for Alternaversal, so I’m guessing it’s Modern Joel who appears. Maybe he makes another visit to the SOL to fix something (as he did during the Mike years) and gets roped into a couple films by Kinga.


I think she already “controlled” him; wasn’t there an early Kickstarter video where he mentioned something about regretting selling her the rights or something?


Heh, I just realised that if Mike came back under Kinga, he would be the only test subject controlled by three generations of Forresters. I know he’s not returning, but it’s a fun notion.

Maybe Mary Jo can guest mad for a Joel episode?


Honestly I’ll probably look up some before I watch at the very least, just so I know what kind of films they are.

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