1301- your thoughts

Really bummed there were no subtitles/CC. I’m not D/deaf or HoH, my house is just loud AF. My sister and I tried to watch last night but had to give up.


That really works.


He said that Netflix owns the old set? I don’t recall that being said by him. What I do recall from the post episode discussion is that it was a design choice.


That purple adjustment makes a WORLD of difference! As others have pointed out, I hope people in the production see this suggestion.


The episode will have CC when the release the finished cut. It’s hard to do CC with a live stream though.

Chrome has an “auto subtitles” feature for any video you play in it. It’s called Live Caption:


On Reddit, his original comment and his subsequent clarifications:

March 5th 1:50 pm EST: "Okay, I gotta hop in here because I think it’s important that people know this.

Regarding the doorway sequence, yes it’s been redesigned to better fit the look of the current show. But it HAD to be redesigned because Netflix refused to let us use any of our own assets! They’re being real jerks over there. It’s legal stuff that’s beyond my understanding but basically the MST3K producers did the noble thing and asked for permission and Netflix said, “Nope. You can’t use anything that’s on these episodes in your new ones.”

That may be more than you wanted to know, but I think it’s important people realize that Netflix is dumb."

March 6th 1:31 am EST: "To be honest, I don’t completely understand, as these discussions and decisions happen above my pay grade. But it was my understanding that we were maybe going to reuse the theme song/opening sequence and doorway sequence and they were like straight up, “No dice.” I don’t know if it’s the actual footage or the graphic assets or what.

But Joel’s right, with the changes in visual aesthetic, it might have been jarring to see the previous doorway sequence in an unaltered state. Maybe it’s for the best! Still a jerk move on their part though."

March 6th 12:56 pm: "I probably used the wrong term in my initial comment when I said we weren’t allowed to reuse any “assets.” I believe the issue was reusing footage. No direct reuse of footage was allowed. So Growler and M. Waverly are just fine and appear in the new season. They become a real buddy duo and it’s fantastic. And just wait until you see their new costumes.

Also keep in mind that I’m a baby idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And calibrate from there."


I sit corrected. I only saw what Joel said on the stream. Thanks for the link.


I have been using Chrome for years and never realized that function was there! Thanks so much. This at least allows me to follow the discussion after the broadcast, which sounds as if we’ll use by the when the episode is finally captioned.


Howdy Monkeypretzel! Feel like haven’t seen you around too much. Good to see you and thanks for the info from Tim!


I agree, this is an important aspect and tricky to get just right. I think the movie was way too quiet compared to the volume level of the riffs. I think the right balance is movie volume just a touch lower than riffs. Was constantly turning volume up for the movie and down for the segments.


From one filmmaker that does a lot of chroma key work to another, that’s nicely tweaked. Well done.


I think one reason the corridor sequence didn’t play so well for me, was that it was based on the Netflix version, and had less going on than that one. Being reminded of the last version made this suffer by comparison, despite the skill used in re-rendering it.

If it had a different design, or had more “business” going on (which I imagine they could add if they felt it worthwhile), then it might feel more like a shift or improvement.


I had recently watched one of the first season episodes where Joel was alone in the theater and there were maybe 3 riffs in 5 minutes, so I definitely didn’t notice any reduction in riffs-per-minute. It’s been a while since I watched the Netflix seasons, though.


I’m glad to hear you liked the sketch and I was very happy to get Alexander Slam Bell onto people’s television, a wrestler name I came up with in college.


Are they switching personalities this season? In both Netflix seasons, it was Kinga who was the needy relative. Now it looks like Pearl is. :thinking:


I didn’t get a sense of needy, but had immediately jumped to ‘what is she up to?’, esp with the experiment 1 tix and— she wants to go see it?


Agreed with pretty much everything said above: some mild syncing and mixing issues, green screens suck but are understandable, and the movie (and riffing) started a little slow but were hilariously batshit by the end. (For whatever reason, the “I’m crushing your head” KITH reference and the delivery of “Is the hubcap dating the second unit director?” are the ones I remember making me fall off my chair.) And the vision of the Gizmoplex as an explorable adventure-game-type world is just wonderful, even if it’ll take a few months to get there.

Also, seeing this movie made me look up its Wiki entry, which everyone here should absolutely do right now if you haven’t yet, because it is maybe even more completely bonkers than the movie itself.


This movie reminded me of Community and Troy’s Halloween costume. Dude, there’s only one Dracula and the rest are vampires.


Calling vampires Draculas will never not be funny. But I guess that makes me a real lumbering bolt-necked Frankenstein for thinking so.


(In best quibbling nerd voice) Excuse me, but Frankenstein was the doctor’s name. I think you mean to say, “I guess that makes me a real lumbering bolt-necked Frankenstein’s monster”. :point_left:t3:

You’re welcome.