1302. Robot Wars - Your Thoughts?

Thank you, Dr. Cabal, Strange Financier From the Future!


I think the host segments were much stronger in this episode, and were more consistently funny. The final battle between Crow and Servo was way more satisfying than the one in the actual movie.


A significant portion of Santo was straight-faced, no-frills Mexican dinner theater Dracula. Not as much to work with there. Here, it was giant mechanical scorpions and pastel bike helmets from minute one.


I’ve said it elsewhere, but I think part of what made 1302 seem better to me is that the anticipation for “new season of MST3K” was gone. We’d seen 1301, so now this was just episode 2. It had more of the feel from back in the day when it was a new episode each week so there was less anticipation for it cause it had only been a week.


On this question, I have to agree with Billy, Jeffy and Dolly.


1301 was crazy fun. 1302 was okay.


I loved their take on “Wizards of the Lost Kingdom”:


Still can’t get over how good that stinger was, as well as the extended Bartertown Buffet riff.


So,…Robot Wars.

With Drake, the human restraining order.

Honestly, when I first saw this I kinda hated it. Yet another giant mech film with misogynistic a******s. Kinda like Atlantic Rim. No complaints about the talent, but this really was horribly written. For most of the film, you got Drake bouncing from supposed badass to loser in the blink of an eye. And his boss is one of the biggest strawmen I can remember in recent memory. Everything he says is just wrong. He’s kinda like if Opposite Day was a person. After about 2 thirds of the way through it finally starts the plot. But we never have any idea what it is. (Though that might be because of the MST3k edits. Do we know why they want to drill into a pyramid? Is there a reason why Drake and Leda are suddenly in a hugging relationship?)

But after rewatching and focusing on the jokes, it kinda came around for me. Johna and the Bots were not letting this one off light. Skewering the jerks. Mocking the guy who is not allowed to think. And the wonderfully ridiculous Preserved 90’s Town. And I loved that 90’s Town sketch. The part where the sketch crashed was a hoot.

And this was particularly heavy on the references in the riffing. I gotta love the Being John Malkovich and Avatar (:notes: Secret Tunnelll :musical_note:) jokes. And all those Simpson references.

SO rather good overall. I don’t think I could really enjoy this one without the riffing. The jokes truly save this one. And as a consequence, I learned to appreciate the film just a little more. Such as I never thought electrical transformers could function as micro-transponders. :person_shrugging:

And witnessing the founding of Scottsdale was inspiring.


Just watched it again and realised I’ve been scooped.

Back in April I posted:

And now I've noticed:

Proving once again nothing gets past these people.


Rewatching Season 13 and picking up on details I missed the first time. Like at the beginning of Robot Wars, they do a bit where Jonah explains breathing to the bots, cute little sketch on its own, but the first time you watch it, you don’t realize they’re setting up Jonah’s need for oxygen, which becomes an important plot point in Munchie when Kinga uses Jonah’s oxygen supply to coerce him into continuing the movie.

Love that sort of subtle, organic worldbuilding.


I don’t know that I’m wild about this one, but it’s a bit like Beginning Of The End for me where the first 2/3rds or so are a glacially-paced, padded bore but then they get much more to work with later on. So my interest just naturally picks up.

If not for the every-Asian-is-evil :frowning: angle and Drake being so repulsive that he makes me miss Mitchell :frowning: :frowning: , the movie by itself is pretty unmemorable. Oh, Nineties, why were you like this? :upside_down_face:

The sketches are darn good. :slight_smile: Especially the gossipy flight attendents.


Because of the Eighties.


[angrily messages Mike Nelson] YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS EIGHTIES!!!


Recently came across this.


I lose it from the Meat Cute invention every damn time. :joy:


The robot stewardesses kills me every time.