1303. Beyond Atlantis (1973)

So, Beyond Atlantis.

Since there was no entry for this episode, I decided to make one. (Get on it Mr Pullen)

What more can I say about this one that everyone here hasn’t already? The first Emily episode was an incredible choice. At the same time a little mean-spirited and incredibly goofy. Especially the character of East Eddie. God, I love East Eddie. He is immoral and a true villain, but Sid Haig was his wonderful self.

Unfortunately, the rest of the roles are kinda bland. With the exception of the character of Logan. Who was presented as a nut job. So there is that. But on rewatch I notice that his unstable nature is actually implied earlier in the film. I’m just not sure I want to give the filmmakers credit for that. Probably the actor.

I also noticed that the Alantians are shown as being bad guys right up front. But I still think there was something cut out. Originally I thought that our villain protagonists seemed to jump to “kill-em-all” rather quickly. But it looks like their hostility was supposed to be more apparent.

But wow was Emily and the bots on fire here. Of course, it helps that the film presents itself on a silver platter for mockery. As soon as the Atlantians and their giant eyes show up, the riffing really takes off. Of course I can’t remember any specific jokes at this point (it’s been many hours since I watched it), but bouncing between the riffs and the ridiculous movie brings a non-stop hilarity.

And there is nothing more I can add to the superlatives over Mother Crabber. It was the perfect ending for the show, wrapping up all the weirdness in rap. And Tom “Well Read Chick Magnet” Servo shows how to really make an entrance.

A few questions. Does anyone else think that Aqua Lincoln was more upset at the end over the loss of an offspring rather than the death of his daughter?

But most importantly, just how many outfits did Dr Katherine bring on this trip?


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