1303 Technical issues on standalone episode file (Volume)

Checking the final release of 1303 on the vhx site using firefox and the ipad app I have found 2 issues

  1. The volume seems too loud and blown out compared to the other 2 season 13 episodes, check one of the door sequences where it’s very noticeable. I’ve checked I have the volume set the same on the vimeo/vhx player on both when comparing with the other episodes so I think it’s an issue with the episode file not with my setup.

  2. At 49 mins 50 seconds just after the movie starts again and they throw the bag from the divers to the guys on the boat and the riff is “Think fast” the episode skips back and you see the catch twice, also the silhouettes skip back as well so it seems like an issue with the episode rendering not just the film print. I’m seeing this on the vhx site and on the ipad app.

This is the version of the episode I’m talking about:


Had thought that I’d mentioned the time loop on the bag toss in my 1303 thoughts post, but guess I forgot, so nice catch :+1:

Agree re: audio.

And as I didn’t forget to note in my 1303 thoughts post, Max and Kinga seem to… pixilate in … when they first appear in the episode. (Again, perhaps this is on purpose, a plot point for the season… we’re all already trapped in the simulator of love!)

Or, a glitch in the Gizmoplex?

Also, as noted in the 1303 thoughts post, the Ardy/Bonesey dialogue changes are not reflected in the closed captions. I submitted this to the Google doc, but kinda feels wrong doing so, considering that I like the original better?

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