1304. The Wrath of Munchie

Straight from the Writers’ Room Virtual Visit, Experiment 1304 tested Jonah Ray’s group of contributors to the limit. Munchie (1992) incensed the tested MST3K staff and lingers in the soul of those who worked on it long after. Why this movie? Having not had the “pleasure” of seeing it, what’s so special about Munchie?


One wonders what the writer’s room meltdown might be like in Season 14 should they tackle, " Munchie Strikes Back"…




Ok you know those awful Great Gazoo episodes from The Flintstones final season? Imagine one that ran for 80 minutes. This movie is basically a live-action cartoon made by people who don’t watch cartoons and don’t think highly of children.

Comedies are notoriously hard to riff (Catalina Caper comes to mind as an episode of the original series the writers hated working on) and well this is about as dire as comedy as the direct-to-video market had at the time. About the nicest thing I can say is Dom Deluise genuinely tries to give the titular character warmth and humor but it’s hopeless. The Munchie puppet is hideous, causes trouble for our hero for no good reason, and being a Great Gazoo he never really faces consequences for his actions. Oh and there’s drunk driving, underage drinking, and a sub-plot about a principal having an affair with a co-worker in a family film.

Anyway I’m looking forward to this as this was something a lot of latchkey kids in the 90s had to suffer through on a rainy day afternoon with nothing to do but watch basic cable. The Disney Channel in particular used to air a lot of this kind of stuff because prior to going all in on Disney Channel original movies Disney used to be really stingy with their own content and plastered whatever family films they could cheapy license all over the channel in the daytime.


I can feel the angst at Munchie in this post. Let it out; we’re here for you


On the flip side, my latch key experience involved lots of scifi channel running in the background!

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