2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Anyone else watching this? You can catch live streams on Tubi; televised coverage is of course best done by Telemundo, but Fox will carry games on their many sports networks, too.

USA tied Jamaica, 1- 1. The Reggae Boyz scored early, but USA would not let up and scored late.

USA is in Group A with Jamaica, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Group play will go all the way through July 4, but alas, the USA is not scheduled to play that day. We are a favorite for the tournament, along with Canada and perennial powerhouse Mexico.

I wasn’t before but now that you’re pointed it out I’ll probably catch at least a few games! That’ll help fill the time until the WWC starts July 20th.

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Semi finals update:

Bracket one: This bracket looks like an easy run for Jamaica, but Qatar has been surprising, lately.

Panama vs. Qatar - Saturday, July 8

Guatemala vs. Jamaica - Sunday, July 9

Bracket two: This is a bracket from he**, with every team fielding powerful players that compete at the highest levels.

Mexico vs. Costa Rica - Saturday, July 8

USA vs. Canada - Sunday, July 9

This bracket is a literal tossup, with the matches expected to be very good.

I predict whoever wins this bracket faces Jamaica in the finals; that being said…

If we can win, we’ll get an automatic berth into the world cup, you don’t want to try and play your way into that tourney.

I am hoping to catch USA v Canada on Sunday. Missed their last two but from the results it doesn’t seem like it was all that sporting, so no big loss there.

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When Canada is on, they are ON, but they are more up and down than the US.

Quarter final update:

USA beat Canada in penalty kicks to go the semi-finals against Panama.
They play on the 12th. We finally got a good draw in a semi finals match. Our skills should out match Panama’s; and we finally have some speedsters on the team to keep Panama’s assets in check.

Jamaica and Mexico get to battle it out in the other bracket, they play the same day, at 7 PM. Again, this match should go to Mexico, but the Jamaicans have been a surprisingly strong team in this tournament - and will give a good match. I look for a very physical game, which should benefit USA if we make it to the finals; it will wear out both teams.

I had to miss it because I was driving south for a last-minute trip to LA today. But I did get to see the USNWT beat Wales in their friendly before I left.

USA! USA! :us:

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