210. King Dinosaur (1955)

What’s the inspiration for it?

Joel had extreme sleep-deprivation? Temporary madness?

Something else?

cocaine GIF

We may never know.


Probably in my bottom five of episodes. The host segments are good but that’s about it. The movie is awful. The riffing unmemorable. The special effects consist of animals ripping each other apart.


For me, this is a case where the short definitely outshines/overpowers the feature. The first non-serial short, X Marks the Spot is very well riffed! The presentation is incredibly dour, downbeat and melodramatic, but this gives Joel and The Bots the opportunity to break-out their brand of super dark riffing! This one is an underrated classic!

And, as mentioned above, it leads to the excellent “Am I Qualified?” Host Segment!

As for the movie: It did give us our first sampling from Bert I. Gordon and it eventually leads to a pitch perfect callback in Fire Maidens of Outer Space!


I think they’re making fun of Jeff Dunham. Or at least that style.