211. First Spaceship On Venus (1960)

I think this is my favorite episode from this season. The imagery is quirky and inventive, and the characters are sympathetic. In that they don’t all constantly act like total idiots or get drawn into a smarmy “love” story a la Rocket Ship X-M. Or just gratuitously “bring civilization” to a new world by killing everything and screaming a lot, like in King Dinosaur. They do their best, but are outmatched by an unpredictable environment. Like Crow, I really enjoy this movie. I’d gladly watch a restored, riff-less version just for the cool stylings.

Also, I remember seeing 2007’s Sunshine and thinking of the scene here where one crew member comforts her dying friend by telling him about the plants growing successfully. I still wonder if those creators knew about this film, or the book it comes from.

The riffs are strong, and the KLACK sketch is criminally underrated, allowing them to trowel on that Midwest vibe while poking fun at the film’s dated (but endearing) aesthetic.