301. Cave Dwellers (1984)

Well, he had to stand there. He was tied to a pole. I guess the director just really liked hearing women plead and yell while they were attacked by puppets…?

My favorite moment of non-heroism was when Thong finds Ravini dying and hidden away from the rest of his crew. Instead of running out of the tent to sound the alarm and call for help, he just futzes around and then strolls off like he’s half-baked at the County Fair on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe in another, earlier movie Ravini never got his name right, either. So Thong figured he had it coming. :person_shrugging:

I also love how this film was shot only two years after The Fighting Eagle and yet that Ator is supposed to be much younger and more callow than the Ator here. But they don’t bother to try and make him look any older. Also, poor Sunya. She didn’t get to do much of anything in the first movie. Then she died off-screen. Maybe the actor was grossed out by having to play a lady in love with her own foster brother and gave up showbiz to open a restaurant or something.


I’ve read of such tales. Hollywood is The Naked City of what-ifs. “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.”

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I’m sure a guy who can slap together a hang glider could have thought of something in that situation. A pocket laser cutter or a miniature assault robot or something. But, yeah, that scene does make you think the director had some… issues.