316. Gamera vs. Zigra (1971)

I like this one! Maybe my favorite Gamera episode other the Gamera vs. Barugon. The movie feels 70’s cheesy but that gives them plenty of riffing room. The best way to describe this one would be “underrated”. A nice way to end the Gamera series, at least until season 13.


Playing your theme song on your opponents downed body before incinerating it. That’s pretty hard core. Especially when you throw in the stripper music.


I’m not certain, but I think the deal is that he’s from an ocean world that became uninhabitable through some ecological catastrophe and Earth was the only habitable planet within range. He feels that not only does he need Earth’s oceans to repopulate his species, but humans, who are polluting the Earth’s oceans (causing a similar ecological catastrophe), are fair game to be conquered, enslaved, and devoured.

The film was clearly heavily sponsored by Sea World. (I forget the details and am not in the mood to go digging.) And movies with an environmental message were, I believe, popular at the time. So the movie is kind of an ad for Sea World. It’s fun to visit and it’s a very important place and they want to help save the oceans. Oh, and Gamera is there to save it from an alien invasion.

I believe it was supposed to be funny, but I’m assuming we lack the cultural context to make it so. But, yeah, “pointless and inane” nicely sums up my impression of it, as well. I do wonder if there was more with the characters that was cut for time. But it’s also just an ad for how Sea World is important and they fight to make sure their animals get proper care and respect. At least, in this fictional world…