372 Pages We'll Never Get Back

Mike Nelson and Conor Lastowka’s bad book podcast. I have listened and re-listened numerous times. I have only read half the books. I have Mike’s signed copy of “Lair of the White Worm.”

Modelland is killing me. Let us commiserate.


I stumbled upon 372 Pages a few months ago and absolutely loved the episodes for My Immortal and Midnight Sun. I’m a little behind, but from the Modelland episode I’ve heard, what a trainwreck of a book :joy:


I believe Modelland has surpassed (subpassed?) Bob Honey.

I don’t think it will top (bottom?) Shadow Moon. I hope nothing does.

Oh, brag: I have a copy of Mike Nelson’s Death Rat signed by Conor. So, yeah, I’m a badass.


I think Modelland has surpassed Bob Honey in pure plot “craziness”, but it doesn’t seem to 100% hate all of humanity? LOL

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Yes, it may top out at 99.98%. But it sorta makes up for that with its creepy teen girl faux-intimacy (hello, Shadow Moon!).

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I need to listen to the Modelland episode. I used to watch ANTM regularly about 15 years ago or so (I’m a sucker for bad reality TV), and the story of Tyra Banks’ failed MLM is worth watching deep dives about on YouTube (my favorite is from Cruel World Happy Mind). I remember hearing about this book, and I knew it was going to be awful.

Also, a bad book podcast? So up my alley. Also, to add to my list of podcasts to listen to.

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I’ve been on board since pretty close to the beginning and have been a Patreon member for a few years now. It’s a great time.

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Oh, you’re that MikeT?