3D/CGI Artists, post your stuff...

I wish I was good enough at this stuff to make a living at it. but I’m really only good at creating Non human objects. My human objects lack life and spark.

But I still have fun trying. it’s a fun past time. my Program of Choice is Softimage 2015.


I do 3D modelling specifically for 3D printing action figures, so most of my stuff’s in bits and pieces.

I tend to use a mix of TinkerCAD and Meshmixer for the majority of my work. Both free.
TinkerCAD is great at precise down to 1/10th of a mm positioning and measurement, so I use it for most of my articulation, scaling, or anything that involves mostly geometric shapes or precise slot-together parts, but it has an incredibly low max polygon count which does… interesting things when you try to import or export complex shapes.

Meshmixer is my go-to for anything organic or non-geometric in shape. I use it for all my faces, humanoid body designs, and most of my surface texturing. Generally, I end up bouncing back and forth between the two. Because TinkerCAD cuts out so much detail, I have to do some careful merging of parts to keep my flat parts flat, and my complex surface detail complex.



I’ve been meaning to create more 3D art for years, and I’m probably pretty rusty now, but here are a few I made back in 2003 (all made with 3dsmax):

All of these built 100% from scratch – no library objects or the like. All geometry, lighting, textures, etc. made by me from the ground up. These weren’t professional projects, I was just inspired by the notions and made them for myself.


94% of the time I will build stuff from the ground up. more fun that way. but sometimes I take the lazy way out and search for things, if I can’t make it the way I want.

I do miss the b oolean feature in Max. that was handy. and I wish I could figure out Z Brush. but the learning curve is tough.

Not on my pc, but here’s one I have access to. Will try to remember this topic later on…

It was a cool feature but extremely buggy, and least back then. With anything more complex than basic primitives, it would either produce wildly incorrect results or max would crash entirely, so I pretty much wrote it off. Maybe it’s improved in later versions?