3D Kingavision episode - side by side version for VR?

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Sorry if this has been answered before, I tried searching for “3d” but the forum said my search term was too short.

I’m excited to see that one of the new episodes will feature Kingavision 3D. Blue/Red glasses are fine, but I wondered if the episode will be released in a side-by-side format as well?

I hope so, because then people could load it into VR goggles for the immersive experience, and those of us that somehow still have functioning 3D TVs could watch it without the color distortion.

Have good ones!


Interesting question!

I’m sure the non 3D version could be converted to SBS without head tracking.

To add head tracking, it would have had to be filmed with the proper equipment. Or I suppose the converted SBS could be loaded to a virtual theater that allows some head tracking around the theater (I’ve watched movies like that before).

Personally, I’m excited to have the old school way for this. I miss the cheesy 3D movies and effects before Real3D took over.

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Doubtful. They likely got the anaglyph 3D version to work with just like you can get on DVD. I think it’s highly unlikely they have a left/right separated video they can use.

Output for VR isn’t as… similar? easy?.. as post-processing film for anaglyph viewing. Stereoscopic 3D can be slapped in as an afterthought but VR sorta needs to be on the roadmap before anything is shot.

But there are some analogs out there. If you’re a Plex user, its “Watch Together” feature has a whole, separate VR option. It doesn’t provide precisely what you’ve pitched and all viewable media will remain flat but you and your pals (who all have to have Plex accounts, which are free) can converge in a common space to watch stuff and throw popcorn at the screen and whatever.

My main issue with it is its exclusivity. I guess it’s no real surprise that only VR users can enter the VR “Watch Together” space but it’d be nice if non-VR people could be invited in and tossed into a throwaway avatar so they could at least join and watch something with everyone else.

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Thanks for the link, The Mask does seem to match up with how MST3K will be doing the 3d (shouting: put your masks on now! For the 3d segments).

One interesting thing I saw was that the BluRay for the mask doesn’t use anaglyph 3d, but instead has full stereoscopic support for 3dTVs: “ Please note, the Blu-ray does not contain anaglyph 3D glasses but is optimized for 3D TVs.”

Maybe the Blu-ray changes output format for those scenes to enable stereoscopic (frame-packed or SBS) output? That would be strange, but even stranger would ask people to wear 3d glasses for an entire movie if only 10 minutes had any depth…

I’ll have to check this out further, thanks again!

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Further details found! The Blu-ray is constantly in 3d mode, but without any depth until the dream sequences: “In this instance, there is no need to remove the 3D glasses. While formatted for 3D throughout, the image retains a 2D quality until the mask is put on and the visual nightmare begins. Once that mask slips on, the 3D kicks in beautifully.”

Source: The Mask - 3D Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

So I guess the MST3K crew might have the restored Side-by-side/frame-packed stereoscopic version, but it’s likely easier to just work with anaglyph. I’ll keep my dreams for a 3d revival on hold for another few years :slight_smile: