4/15 "Space Mutiny" Stream Technical Feedback

I was encouraged to open this thread by @LadyShelley who suggested placing any technical feedback in its own thread for the crew to see.

Tonight’s live stream went fairly well, but I’m glad Ivan and the crew performed another “stress test” of sorts in preparation for the world premiere.

Without further ado, here’s my stream feedback (copied from the official live thread):

A few times during the intro and the second host segment, my feed froze. No buffering wheel was displayed (I was watching on Google TV/Nvidia Shield as I did for the previous Gizmoplex events).

I was seemingly behind most of the live thread as a result.

With that being said, my Shield was acting incredibly sluggish all night and it could very well have been hardware-related.

Like I said, I can’t speak for the crew here, but sharing any of our glitches, however minor or isolated, should only help to better prepare these streams for May.


I was watching via Firefox on my laptop.

Outside of having to refresh once the Arena chat timer hit zero to get the episode to start, there were no technical gaffes or issues to speak of from this end.


I had to refresh to get the show to start as well. I thought it would just start automatically. Not a big deal.

I was watching on Chrome on my Lenovo laptop. When I brought up the chat box on the side, I couldn’t make any comments. I think that was because there was a note about pushing the chat onto my phone that I couldn’t get rid of and it might have been covering the reply box. I had to pop out the chat in order to use it at all, but it was moving so fast that I eventually gave up on trying to reply to anything anyway and I just watched the movie. :slight_smile:

On a completely different note, if it was possible, I’d love it if the theater seats were filled with people when a live event was going on. I don’t know what the logistics of that would be, though.


Watching on a desktop with Chrome. My only “issue” was getting past Crow. I was about ten minutes late to the stream and by golly, he wasn’t going to let me in. :slight_smile: Finally managed though.

Other than that, sound was good. No synch issues, and gotta say it did look good on my computer (I usually watch the live events on the home theater system)

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There was mention of putting people in the seats in one of the livestreams, but I don’t know if that was a blue-sky thing or if it’s actually in the works.


The movie didn’t start for me until I reloaded the page. The previous movies and events have started on their own.

The Kingadome theater is cool, but it’s weird to see the theater seats in there and also the silhouette theater seats with Mike and the bots up on the screen. I just made the move full screen.

The movie skipped forward for me at one point… Blast Hardcheese was rescuing Lea from the dental chair of death and then it jumped ahead to where they were both in stolen uniforms and sneaking around the catwalks. It was probably because I had to pause the movie earlier for a couple of minutes when I got a phone call.


People, or Cambots. Do we know if any actual people are in the Gizmoplex? Either way, I like that idea.


For the first time no sync issues for me! On iPhone 13 and Gizmoplex through chrome.


This and refreshing to get past Crow were my only issues. I’m on Firefox with a fairly new Mac Air.


No issues at all. Firefox 99.0 on a bog-standard xubuntu linux on a Lenovo IdeaPad 3 (10thG Intel, 8GB RAM)


It seemed a little quiet, I had to max out all volume bars and raise my receiver to a louder than normal level to be able to hear it well.

Do you mind me asking what was your setup? Just for tracking a data point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Had a period where the live tag at the top left shifted to DVR. Not sure if that’s just my sub standard connection, but only dropped out once during the event for a few seconds. Nothing major.

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Window PC, edge browser, Chromecast through A/V receiver.

Again using my Hisense on the AndroidTV platform using the Gizmopolex/MST3k app - no issues at all.

Sorry for the late response, every time I’d remember, would get pulled away.

AppleTV- MST3K AppleTV app-

Selected watch now immediately after clock hit 7pm local time…

Black screen, with video progress bar on bottom w/ Ghostbusters logo on left.

Backed out of the app and tried again, joined mid-theme song, but seemed to be aprox 1min behind everyone on the forum discussing the episode/stream for the rest of the night.

Everything else was great.

Oh, stream cut off the stinger at the end of the episode? Not a big deal, was just odd.

I was watching from my Roku app. The stream itself was excellent, with no delay or lag, though it did require a refresh to actually start it.

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