401. Space Travelers (1969)

“A cable access version of Marooned” (1969) and directed by John Sturges, Space Travelers “is star-studded isn’t it?” Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, David Janssen, James Franciscus, Gene Hackman. “Oh Gene Hackman… He’s good in anything.” Tons of money, Oscar-Winning Special Effects. Did it amount to much? Beats me. “We’re in it now… Up to our necks…”, “Ahh the One-Armed Man is chasing me… I need a drink…”, “Like Father like Son, think about it, won’t you?” Is it “the big blue marble brought to you by that unpainted place” or “John…You’ve done better…”


The benefits of the Space Program.


You are on fire, Mr. Admired-Badge-Haver!

Not much to add about this episode, but you did make me think for about half a second about watching it on a very slow Saturday…then I remembered it’s kind of a depressing movie!

Forgot Richard Crenna was in this one, though…he was an interesting actor, for sure.


Colonel Sam Trautman is his most famous role. That, The Sand Pebbles (1966), and Wait Until Dark (1967). Crenna had a sensitivity and brashness that went together. He fathered Stallone like no other actor.

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Any episode suggestions Jimmy? Were I to miss anything. Give a holler. :wink:

Oh! I even forgot Crenna was Col. Trautman! Despite having seen the Rambo movies a bunch of times.

Not sure! Thinking about Dick Crenna in Melville’s great crime movie, Un flic, sort of reminded of that (season 6?) spy movie which “featured” some vaguely European types riding in a car wearing very stylish eyeglasses.

Can’t remember which one that was, though (I think it was a Joel episode, pretty sure), and only might get around to watching it today. If I can’t think of another episode/experiment to watch.

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Trace really does have a “Killer Peck”.


If only there were more Peck experiments. His impersonation rules!


Jim and Marilyn Lovell actually saw this film on release, and the superstitious Marilyn was quite spooked that the character named Jim dies on the mission, not helped by losing her wedding ring in the shower early in the Apollo 13 mission.


One of the first few episodes of MST3K that I discovered, thanks to the Mystery Science Theater Hour! This may be the nostalgia talking, but this is something of an underappreciated, unsung gem in my book.

It’s a drier, more deliberately paced, and serious (read: non-wacky) movie, so I get why it isn’t championed as much as episodes with more outlandish movies. But there’s something… oddly comforting and relaxing about this one? A great late night episode for enjoying some laughs as it induces drowsiness.

Really, there’s something of a fun novelty in seeing Gene Hackman AND Gregory Peck on MST3K. I’m a sucker for all those “Gene Hackman’s good in this!” riffs, and as mentioned earlier, Crow’s Killer Peck is one for the ages.

Wacky and super-goofy host segments form the backbone and charm of MST3K, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the ones where the gang just… talks. And that “which SOL crew member would sacrifice himself to save oxygen for the others” host segment is gold.

Space Travelers might not be named in the same breath as some of MST3K’s more time-honored champion episodes, but it’s still pretty damn good.


Also, I’ll always love that Dollaroid Invention Exchange.

Crow’s awkward role-playing as he tries to get Servo to accept a five-dollar bill bearing Crow’s likeness? And Servo railing against the ridiculousness of the invention? And Joel trying to buy Servo’s silence with a worthless bill?



An actually decent movie with huge names that gets chopped-up, re-titled with a random intro/outro by the folks at Film Ventures International.

That’s just peak Vintage MST3K right there! :smiley:

(Also, Joel did ask for Marooned after all!)


Crow’s “Think I’ll play a little Super Mario if you don’t mind. . .” always cracks me up.

I know this breaks the rules of the show a little bit, but they really bring their a-game to the riffs and does a good job of making a draggy movie un-riffed very effective in the end.


Dig that one! It’s fantastic when they ventriloquize these actors saying things that they would never have said otherwise.

I love Crow’s Peck going “I just won lotto… I QUIT! WOOOOOOOOOOO!” as Peck hauls keister up a set of stairs.


Those whole press conference scene is delightful. It’s got a stronger hit rate than most–you can’t stop laughing at one thing before another hilarious joke comes running in.


Peck: “You wanna know what they accomplished living up there in a tin can for five months?”

Servo as Peck: “Well… lots of stuff!”


The press conference stuff is great, even for the non-Peck material.

Joel: “Well, these are some pics my kids drew. I… I hope you like 'em.”

Also also, love Crow as Peck walking away to the conference: “I can’t hear you. I’m leaving. La-la-la-la I do not hear you la-la-la-la-la.”


“That trip to the moon was just walk around the block–we’re going to the stars!

Joel: You little small-town pissant!

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