415. The Beatniks (1960)

I thought that was the character aggrandizing himself as threatening and violent. Like anyone he assaulted or killed “got Mooned” as though it were some kind of trademark from his name.


I love this episode. Only 2 notes. they went too hard on Helen. I suppose that was a classic example of not having anything else to say. The other note is when Joel pointed out the boom shadow, Tom would have sung it like Moon Shadow. Otherwise a great episode in a genre I wish MST3k would go back to.


Shut up, Iris.


Fun Fact: The actress portraying her was the director’s wife.


I saw that this weekend.


A Portrait into the Descent of Madness of Moonie

This was never one of my favorites. For one thing, no beatniks. Seriously, it’s 1960 and you couldn’t find one beatnik?

Also, it is one of the episodes I classify as “Written by people who never interacted with a real human” This “gang” is a joke of ‘Let’s do some crimes’. And the record execs are worse. All of them are completely oblivious to the existence of the world around them. “So, you are saying that you killed that fat barkeep?”

And I could not understand how ANYONE would put up with that Moonie character. I mean, every decision he makes is the completely wrong one…every time.

But just this afternoon this ep. was on and I was not really paying attention. So I was just glancing at the performances while running it in the background. A friend recently told me that as we get older, we gain a greater appreciation for ham.

And my god, Peter Breck is f****** amazing! Every line read, and every physical motion is given over 120%. And that’s not physically possible! :scream:

OptiMSTie was right. This performance is simply amazing to watch. Ignore everything else. Seriously, the rest of the cast could be outperformed by wood. Moonie just runs away with this thing. He can’t walk in through a door without putting an extra sashay into his walk. When he loses it, he screeches like a hampster getting stabbed with a lead pencil. He can’t even swing a knife without some overly elaborate flourishes.

So I officially reassess my take on this now classic episode. I can see how the gang must have had fun riffing on this bizarrely acted, but terrible character. Goes without saying that the riffing is overall just great.

I mean the rest of the movie is garbage. Yet another ‘Hey you can sing, so here is the standard Rich and Famous contract.’ film. “But I need to hang with my, ahem, criminal friends.” HA!
I can’t even remember how many other members were in the ‘gang’.

But now I can appreciate well-seasoned ham.


I remain firmly in the camp which finds “Moon” unbelievably annoying but not in any way scary. Jim Begg would’ve been every bit as credible as dangerous “beat,” Crayola hat and all. Nyah!!