422. The Day the Earth Froze (1959)

Yeah, but your last name is in the front half of the phone book, so you’d have already heard her say it by intermission.


That show resulted in a PBS Nova special I had on tape as a kid and watched many times. She does Trudy and Ernestine in the show, so it’s even more fun.


My last name starts with an M, so right before intermission.


There are some one-woman shows I HAVE enjoyed, but Gypsy’s show in this episode really takes the cake in terms of comedy.


Closest I’ve ever come to watching a one woman show is recordings of one Carol Burnett did, one Gilda Radner did and a PBS behind the scenes special of Elaine Stritch’s show “At Liberty”. :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


ABSOLUTELY. It’s one my FAVORITE host segments ever.


Revived my pre-Thanksgiving tradition of watching this episode.

Appropriately enough the temperature dropped from 68 to 36 degrees F today.

The experiment and the short remain golden. From the running gag that Joel thinks the Bots are going “too dark” in Circus (only to indulge in a few morbid quips himself) to the hero’s Failing becoming a massive production number in TDTEF I laughed long and hard.

The skits get funnier each time I see them. Forgot Tom and Crow disguised themselves as bags and never tire of Gypsy’s One Woman Show.

A classic. One of my comfort episodes.


Re-watching this one and thinking of the alarming number of times the family photo bit opener has been quoted in our house over the years.






A standout episode in a run of amazing episodes from like 414 to Manos. It’s got an absolutely perfect short (for it to just immediately open with “Heeeerrrreeee comes the Devil!”). The movie itself is maybe one of the best they riffed, goofy but well produced movie, with a cast committed to the Finnish folklore. This movie actually got me to look up the Kalevala, really fascinating work of modern mythology, and the riffing keeps up great pace, hitting all over the joke spectrum, from “Chick Correa! Walter Pidgeon!” To “Oh dead bloated cop…” It’s a great example of the show firing on all cylinders in the theater.

As for the host segment side, it’s also pretty great, though my biggest problem with the whole episode is how they purposely talk over the explanation for a Sampo to get jokes out of what a Sampo is (seems contrived as a joke source). Other than those, the other segments are very strong, and as is usual for me, the Mads invention exchange is my favorite segement. Thr combination of Dr F’s flippant news of losing the buyer, the purely evil toys and game, and Frank’s determination to get his money back riiiiight until The Box. The SOL segements are all at least good, just not laugh out loud for me (the Gypsy Rose take is maybe not laugh out loud hilarious but it is an all time GCP moment, one of the best Jim did). I think if you took the riffs from this and had the strength of the Sinbad Host Segments you’d have the best Finno Russo episode period, but short of that, it’s a standout episode at one of the hot points in show history, the 2nd half of season 4