4:59:59 PT on Friday, March 4th we're all logged here in and we...

‘Push the Button, Frank’?
‘Push the Button, Santo’?
‘Welcome to the Fun House Emily-Schwemily’ (er, Joely-poly? Jonah-nonah? Hm, typed in your favorite Forrester voice)
‘Deep 13 is awaaaay!’ (ESB riff there)
‘Fly me to the mooon…’

So it’s a sweet live and fun time, but I haven’t dug in yet to see if we have chat options ‘here’ to connect.

As much as I love the idea of all of us logging on and creating our own threads and typing in one of the above or such, I can not imagine the look of horror on Lesley’s face if she thinks of what cleaning up after us in this case would be like, esp if we do it in unique threads (in one? ok maybe)

Anyone going to try to split focus between here and GP? I’ll have had a celebratory sip of a Killer Shrew, so no idea what kind of shape I’ll be in.


It’s a stream so I’m assuming that there will be a comment feed that goes with it.

I also hope that people use the spoiler tags on the forums for those who can’t watch it live before they gush…


we should get an update and our codes soon. We might be able to chat as you can when the The Mads have their monthly movies


I imagine Satellite of Love Discourse will have a live chat as they do with the Mads, though I don’t know that for a fact.

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Second this as it looks like I won’t be around Friday evening now.


We can try to accommodate, but also maybe don’t read threads about the new episode until you’ve watched it?


All my focus will be on the show, though I may pop back in here after for a post-bliss cuddle.


Yeah, I’m gonna be focusing on the show.

Real-time commentating on episodes I’ve already seen during the Turkey Day Marathon is one thing.

Brand-new MST3K? That’s going to get 110% of my attention.

I’ll be back here to offer up miscellaneous jibber-jabber on the episode afterwards, though.


Yup! I gotta take it all in.