"6 classic episodes" for backer levels 85 and above.... code?

I haven’t received a code nor seen anything mentioned about this particular digital perk. I’ve seen that other collections, such as the Ultimate, have gone out, but what about this one?


That reward got updated with bonus episodes during the Kickstarter and became the 10 episode #MadeMoreMST3K Backer Collection. Codes for that one have been sent out!

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Perhaps you know what #MadeMoreMst3k Backer Collection #2 is? I got a code for this and this along with the Made More Backer Collection but only the first code redeemed? Is there only one backer collection and I somehow just got two codes. I’m pretty confused by it and haven’t been able to get any clarification so far. I feel like I’m probably supposed to have the episodes in the “deluxe” set but it isn’t redeeming that way.

Yep. That means you accidentally answered one of the questions wrong in Backerkit and got two codes for the backer collection instead of one code for the deluxe collection. If you email kickstarter@mst3k.com, we can help you swap it.


Now I wonder what questions answered wrong give you everything you didn’t pledge for. :thinking:

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Thanks Ivan

Thanks Ivan, I didn’t get that, sent an email.

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Have all the codes been sent out? I haven’t seen an email with mine.


I haven’t received my email yet either.

Try going to your Backerkit page.

Following this. I am so lost. I haven’t received an email. Checked my backerkit page and I can see the project but there is no mention of sending out codes for downloads. I backed level 100, so, yeah, thought I’d see something by now.


Level 100 didn’t include any classic downloads. Unless you added them on.


Just in case anyone needs to check it, here’s the rewards chart.


I did Experiment 350 so should get the downloads. Just checked my Backerkit page & it shows that my Holiday card was shipped but doesn’t show anything else being sent yet.

Nothing else is sent. It would be under “get your digital downloads”

I see. Where would that be?

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Thanks! So like I said, my email hasn’t been sent and they haven’t added the downloads to my account yet.


Then you’ll want to reach out to kickstarter@mst3k.com
And give them all your details- I’m sure they’ll sort it out.

Thanks again! I’ve done that but not heard back yet. Not a huge deal but had some other issues w this so want to be sure I’m still on the list & gonna get my stuff.

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