622. Angels Revenge (1979)

It’s up there but The Sinister Urge is the best of season 6 to me!


Fire In The Hole!


The basic formula of The Seven Samurai has proven to be a popular template, with the best-known adaptation being The Magnificent Seven. But not all imitators are created equal, and this is one of the less dignified takes. Yes, even more so than Battle Beyond the Stars.

The stalwart defenders take their inspiration from Charlie’s Angels while the roving bandits are now a narcotics ring in Southern California. But even though these vigilante vixens are the lead characters, the actresses have their names buried in the opening credits behind several other more prominent actors, a few (such as Pat Buttram and Arthur Godfrey) of which have only one scene. Though admittedly, aside from Playboy centerfold Susan Kiger and maybe Kieu Chinh, none of them were widely known.

The Challenge Rating on this one is a bit unusual. Much of their success appears to come from how most of their opposition are bumbling incompetents, since they don’t appear all that capable in their own right. This is especially apparent when they raid a fascist enclave (who make the Black Shorts look threatening in comparison) for weapons and ammunition. None of the protagonists are capable at acting, and even genuine talents like Jack Palance and Peter Lawford give rather half-hearted performances. A good thing the riffing made the overall experience tolerable.

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Best quote I’ve seen on the topic of ‘influencers’…

“The only difference between these Twitch channels and traditional hostage videos is a better camera.”