803. The Mole People (1956)

Two miscellaneous notes:

  1. The stinger seemed a bit… down-ish? Not sure I would’ve gone with The Load tripping and falling down right before getting mauled to death. I probably would’ve gone with something from that goofy dance scene.

  2. Season 11 brought a wild selection of guest stars into the MST3Kverse, but before then, the show was never really one of those series that was about having guest stars take part in the wackiness. But MST3K got a rare pre-Season 11 guest spot (the only other big guest star in that era being Leonard Maltin) from none other than Minnesota Vikings running back Robert Smith as Howard, the subservient mute gift to the Lawgiver!


803 Promos.

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how you feel about “load” is how I feel about Space Mutiny, Agent From H.A.R.M. and other Sci-Fi eps where they beat a joke into the ground. This really started getting bad in Revenge of the Creature.


Which joke in Creature did they keep repeating all through the film? I honestly don’t remember.

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Tributary to the Upper Amazon, a laundry list of celeb names that is never ending.


lol. See, that doesn’t bother me much because its over about five minutes into the movie. (I think. I don’t rewatch that one very much.) The reason I think the Many Names Of Ryder (points to username) are funny is because they’re picking on someone their own size, and at least there’s some energy there and an attempt to be creative. On the other hand:


To me, it goes back to Castle of Fu Manchu: “We could have made better jokes, but the movie wasn’t very good” :wink: