813. Jack Frost (1964)

Inspired by the old standard… Hum to the melody…

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” “Jack Frost nipping at your nose…” “Although it’s been said…” “Many times, many ways…” “Merry Christmas… to you!!!” “There is a pompous man lost in the woods…” “And a lonely lass brought there to die…” "And weird old men who play around as Baba Yaga stalks them on the ground… " “Everybody knows, some myths are best on MST…” “The Russian-Finnish most of all…” “Lots of fans love these flicks…” “Can I please have a fix?” “Have some Jack Frost on me!!!” Lord Of The Dance, Bad B.O., Yakov Smirnoff, Crow Eats Tom, Old World Butcher, Ape Movies. “These names are all Russian for Alan Smithee”, “Hey Tom Petty”, “Hey listen it’s Spock in really fast motion.” “It’s alright if you love me…” or “Ah, Roseanne”?


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I actually make it a point not to watch this one too often so as not to ruin the novelty and magic of it all.

As I’ve said elsewhere and often, the Russo-Finnish episodes make for some of the best MST3K. The Sword and the Dragon is probably a top 30 episode in my book, and three of them are in my top ten, with The Day the Earth Froze and The Magic Voyage of Sinbad joining Jack Frost there.

Yeah, they were firing on every single possible damn cylinder there. The movie keeps throwing bizarre-as-hell thing after bizarre-as-hell thing at the gang, and they keep launching precision riff after precision riff. Some of it’s goofy lighthearted in-the-moment humor (“Bite me, wokhead!”); some of it’s some surprisingly deep and obscure referential comedy (“Hildegard Von Bingen: Unplugged”). BUT IT’S ALL GOOD.

There’s not a moment where I feel that I want to jump to another scene or get to a really good part, because for me, this is an episode comprised entirely of really, really good parts. You’ve got the domineering wicked stepmother (“Yup, standard issue”) with the jerkass daughter and the innocent stepdaughter, you’ve got the headstrong hero who has to be taken down a peg or two by the mushroom guy (“I forgot to read the fine runes!”), you’ve got the woodland bandits (“IT’S… a convention of Michael Palin imitators!”), you’ve got the main man himself Jack Frost and all of his shenanigans (“Bob Keeshan IS Mr. Natural!”)…


… and my possibly favorite riff target of them all, Baba Yaga.

I still scream laughing (or laugh screaming?) at all the fantastic jokes surrounding this character, whether it’s that insane bird-legged house (“Come to Knott’s Berry Farm and ride the Unstable House!”), her dance moves (“Shake that moneymaker!”), her over-the-top mannerisms ("Apparently, there’s no Finnish word for ‘subtle’), her EVERYTHING.

Aw, man.

If it sounds like I love this episode dearly, it’s merely because I do. For me, MST3K is the greatest series of all-time, and with Jack Frost at the top of a very impressive heap, that makes it TV’s greatest entry in my book.


What I love about the host segments?

We get some great character definition in the evolving nature of the interplay between Brain Guy and Professor Bobo. They don’t (and couldn’t) just be one-dimensionally hateful towards each other throughout this new iteration of the series. Where would the fun be in that?

Instead, we get some nuance added here as they work through their differences and find that there’s more that unites them than divides them, specifically their disdain for Pearl and her brand of leadership.

And it gets to the point where they get spectacularly wasted while debating the merits of the Clint Eastwood orangutan movies.

Yeah, there’s other fun stuff on display, too, like Crow trying to broaden the SOL’s knowledge of Russo-Finnish cinema (and broaden Mike’s credit card debt) by hiring Yakov Smirnoff and Earl Torgeson, Crow allegedly getting turned into a bear by the mushroom guy, and Servo attempting to be “dawling” and “adowable,” but it’s those host segments in which we witness the bonding of Brain Guy and Bobo that make this episode extra special.

Man. Again, like I said, just a tremendous episode, and I will always champion this one as the king of the hill in my rankings.


813 Promo.


Lord of the Dance.


Don’t Mind the Dandruff.


This film is apparently a big deal in Russia and shown every Christmas.


After slogging through Incredibly Strange Creatures, something completely different is needed. You don’t get much more different than one of those wacky and insane Soviet produced faerie tale films. And this must be the wackiest and most insane of the lot.

Truth be told, I feel kind of sorry for Marfushka. Now granted she’s mean and kind of stupid, as faerie tale stepsisters are wont to be. Still, I can’t help thinking about the way her mom keeps setting her up for failure, however inadvertent. It just bugs me for some reason.

I imagine some would object to the cartoon-like sound effects that appear to have been added to the English dub. But considering the action on the screen, one could say that it makes for a good fit.


Dang it, as soon as I saw this thread I had my “Hey, @optiMSTie , have you ever seen this episode?” joke all ready to go, but you’re too quick for me.

For general knowledge, I’ll remind everyone that you too can try a Plazaburger (with or without Father Mushroom) at the Plaza Tavern in Madison, WI.


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Well, @Aquarius, funny you should ask that! :smiley:


Also, duly noted and very much appreciated!


(Pictured: the Plazaburger, as mentioned in MST3K’s Jack Frost. Not pictured: the freaking out yet, as also mentioned in MST3K’s Jack Frost… I assume there would be freaking out, because that article makes that sound BOSS.)


People who cut hamburgers in half are monsters that should be locked up.


I think that was for illustrative effect for the article, to show that this was no ordinary burger. As people would appropriately quote this episode with reference to the burger: “You didn’t tell us you were mythical!”


Also, this episode has a bazillionty accompanying GIFS over at the GIF-monic Institute, and I may have to post them here, because obviously.


:musical_note: FUNNY GOOFY FUNNY SCENE :musical_note:

:musical_note: HA HA HA HA :musical_note:

:musical_note: GOOFY FUNNY SCENE :musical_note:

Servo going about this part like a silly jackass is funny enough, but Mike genuinely laughing at his antics just raises that to a whole other level.



Bill’s delivery, just… [chef’s kiss]

Also also, the woodland bandits are inexplicably hilarious on their own, which raises this episode up EVEN MORE.

We only get them in two scenes, but when they show up, they absolutely steal the show and inspire some ace riffing.


I love the customer service-forward take on the Great Outdoors. “Touch any part of this rock for more information”! The flowers scrambling for a manager (“Earl, you wanna take this?”)! “This is the Sun. I’m not available right now…”!



And you have this moment, too:

Unexplained talking rooster: “Roosters can only obey the sun, baaaaaaawk! You’ll have to ask Rosy-Fingered Dawn!”

Mike as unexplained talking rooster: “Or you can talk to my supervisor, if you like!”