908. The Touch of Satan (1971)

You know, I never remembered the lead actress’s character’s name. Melissa, apparently.

All I know is Emby Mellay. I think that’s spelled correctly.


Why don’t they look make more pictures?

She was a fine actor in this picture, I thought.

Rod Jody Stupendupe was not, although I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Not his car, though. It was evil. I hope a walnut tree falls on it.


Finally watched the episode yesterday. As always, kind of skipped through the movie, but I adored Steffi the sitter.


During the opening titles, as Jody takes his long slow drive, M&tB are doing riffs using various names for the devil. Servo uses “Clootie,” which Mike questions. Servo says he looked it up, and it’s Scottish.

Webster’s dictionary supports this, saying it’s the diminutive of “cloot” (a word referring to a cloven hoof like a goat’s), and it dates back to at least 1785. So far so good.

Except… Clootie is also a type of Scottish dumpling. (They call it a dumpling, but it appears to be more of a thick cake or dessert bread. Except, of course, this being the UK, it’s a pudding.) Here, the word “clootie” also derives from the root word “cloot,” except this time the word “cloot” is the Scottish word for “rag.” You can use a cloot to patch a hole in an old garment, or sew together a bunch of them to make a patchwork cloot quilt, etc. In this case, you wrap the dough ball in a (hopefully clean) cloot to hold it together while it boils.

So… Thanks, Tom. I learned a couple of Scottish homonyms, and now I’m even more confused. I hope no one tried to wrap their pudding dumpling in a goat hoof.


Does the original film explain where Melissa’s 1970s parents come from? The flashback scenes to the Olden Days show completely different performers playing her folks.

Who are these people? Where do they come from?!?


If you check upthread you will see that we’ve discussed this question with no satisfactory answer.


Are you implying that there are certain flaws in this film? Asking for a friend, the fish


Luther Strickland has the same last name as Melissa and Lucinda, and he defers to Melissa as an elder. Melissa is 127 years old. The actor who plays Luther was 55 when the movie came out. Lucinda was badly burned, and appears to have mostly aged normally, even if she is alive well past her time.

(Incidentally, when Lucinda first kills at the beginning of the movie, we’re told it’s been nearly a decade since the last time. Seems that she spaces out her killings.)

It’s unlikely that a cousin would come to take charge of the sisters, and especially not defer to them.

So either Melissa or Lucinda had a son out of wedlock. If Lucinda, Luther would likely be her grandson. I doubt it. I don’t think anyone would have come near her, for a number of reasons.

But Melissa knows that having sex with a man who is truly in love with her can free her. (I’m guessing the scene where she learns that was cut for time in the MST version.) Luther says she’s tried before, and that she has the power to “call” people to her.

Connecting the dots… I’d say that about 50 years after becoming a witch, Melissa used her power to compell a man to her. (It’s implied that she’s tried this more than once over the years.) It did not break the curse, because it was not of his own free will (and not true love), but it did result in the birth of Luther. Molly is, I would assume, Luther’s wife. It’s possible she’s his sister, perhaps from another attempt. We never actually see them in any romantic situation, nor do we see their bedroom(s).


I think you may have given this more thought than the filmmakers.


So what else is new? :grin:

Also, it doesn’t say much for Melissa’s call center that Jody was the best she could manage in 100+ years… and the riffers don’t mind pointing that out.


Maybe her plan actually required someone really, really stupid? :stuck_out_tongue:

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So… like anything involving going to work for Satan then.

Maybe he’s descended from that loser of a knight in The Undead.

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You know what, that’s canon now!

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OMG just saw this on bluesky

Tom Servo was right about pecan farming!


Squirrels also have terrible memories. So they bury the walnuts and then forget them. Six months later, you have walnut seedlings all over your damn yard and woe is you if they go undiscovered for over a year. After that, you pretty much need ACME levels of dynamite to pry them out. :confused:

I don’t like squirrels very much. They are truly the Reddit trolls of the gardening world.


In our case, acorns/oak trees, but yeah. And they tend to bury them up against our backyard fence. Not a handy place for an oak tree to grow. It doesn’t take very long before it’s basically impossible to pull them out by hand. :confused:


I think whoever painted/designed this movie’s poster was hungry for artichokes at the time. And now, so am I. :grin:


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