913. Quest of the Delta Knights (1993)

This is just the kind of thinking that comes of letting the peasants educate themselves. Minions, burn the library in the name of goodness and knowledge, etc.

I always figured this was supposed to be more of “now we feel we’re true family!” thing, but with the writing in this movie…


That’s how I interpret it as well. That’s also how it was treated in Heinlein’s novel Citizen of the Galaxy, which was plagiarized for the first half of this movie. He’s not a biological father, but he is a father figure.


I know the real-world answer is “because it was cheaper,” but is there any in-movie explanation for why David Warner is playing two roles? Was a scene cut out that revealed they were brothers or cousins or two magically separated halves of the same soul or … I dunno, anything?


We need a list of movies which had one actor in two or more roles.

See also: Alien From L.A. in which one performer is both General Patches and the needle-wielding kidnapper.


Guess it was just a lucky coincidence that the characters happened to have a strong resemblence.

David Warner talked about the dual role in an interview, pretty much admiting he offered to do both roles since it meant more work and more pay. He also acknowledged that MSTies asked him about the film at conventions regularly in the 2000s but the only memory that stuck with him from the film was working with Olivia Hussey.


Did he even get to work “with” Olivia Hussey? IIRC, they never appear in the same shot.


According to the same interview, Olivia filmed her scenes (most were cut from the MST3k version) in a single day with David Warner at a Scottish Rite Center in Oakland.


Thats history farmcat!

Can you imagine if someone’s complete understanding of DaVinci was this film?


I got into MST3k in ‘97 when I was 10 years old, so the SciFi era is definitely my favorite period of the show. I would watch the reruns on SciFi even after the show wasn’t being made anymore and I remember this one being played a lot in those days of Saturday morning reruns of MST3k. What sticks with me the most of my childhood memories of that time was that, for some reason, this movie hooked my dad in and he literally got wrapped up with it and watched the full episode mostly out of being into the movie itself. I was pretty much the only MSTie in the family, my folks were ambivalent to the show at the time, but something the actual Quest of the Delta Knights movie hooked my dad enough to watch the episode to see how the movie ended. Kinda silly, looking back, but a fun memory.

Watching it now with the relative maturity I know have, what sticks out to me about this one is how great Bill Corbett is. He was always great, and will forever be my favorite Crow, but that New York aggression he brought to the table is on full display in his host segment as the real Leo DaVinci. Also with adult eyes, I wonder what the DaVinci character in the movie was even supposed to be doing there. He does nothing but complain to, insult, and refuse to believe the rest of the cast. He accomplishes nothing and only adds incredulity.

As others have mentioned, how great is David Warner? Super fun actor always gives a good performance even if the material isn’t worth it. Glad to know I’m not the only Freakazoid fan here too. That show is easily the best of the “Steven Spielberg presents” run of 90’s cartoons and should be mandatory watching for any MST3k fan, as the comedic overlap between both shows is very wide.

Overall, this is a fun episode with a lot to like. Not an all timer classic in my book, but I would say it’s better than average, at least in my opinion.