A bit disappointed...

I thought we would get to see a new episode every two weeks. Then they cancelled one in April, last night was a tribute, next new episode is May 27… :disappointed_relieved:

I guess I thought it would be a new episode about every month, but also a new short about every month, too. So, something new every other week. I could easily be wrong, though. Ha!


They promised 13 episodes over the course of a year. One per month and then the holiday special with Joel.

They also said there would be livestream events that would be like the ones during the campaign where we watched an old episode together and have a Q&A after. And that we’d get a smattering of new shorts. I forget how many shorts were promised.

It’s not their fault they had to cancel one event due to illness, but we’ve had three this week and there’s another one on (I believe they said) Monday.

Personally I didn’t think I’d be that interested in rewatching old episodes again, but it’s been a lot of fun watching with chat, and the Q&A aftershows have been fantastic. As people were saying last night, it’s cool that we get a variety of moods and vibes because the aftershows each feature different people and they play off each other differently.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling that you’re getting the value you expected, but personally I’m finding it’s even better than I’d expected. I also thought they were fairly clear about the number and pacing of episodes.


We were never supposed to see a new episode every two weeks.
This thread has the schedule


There’s more riff-based stuff out there now than I could hope to watch even if I had a year or two to “work” on it exclusively. I’m fine with the occasional delay, especially if someone’s resting because of health issues.


Nothing got cancelled. The special event got postponed - it was Future War and it was streamed on Thursday.

We’re getting 13 new episodes and 12 shorts, along with 14 ‘Special Events’, running through the middle of February.


Yeah, with two MST3K events a month, a new Mads every month (and a monthly rerun as well), two Mary Jo Pehl events a month and however many releases Rifftrax ends up putting out, it’s almost tough to keep up with the wealth of MST3K and adjacent material we’re getting.


It’s strange to me to be disappointed in a delayed live event after it’s promised postponement date has passed and it aired as stated it would, but that’s just me.


Yeah. With this abundance of riches, I support anyone who tries to catch 'em all even though I know it’s beyond my personal power. :smiley:


Also, it’s happened already. You want more, organise an event. We have the full range ,kinda, of episodes, let’s do a fan organised event on the off weeks from what we can watch. If we get enough interest, maybe ivan can make another official unofficial event like we did for the backers.

My new catchphrase seems to be ‘any mst3k is better than no mst3k’ so why not have Santo Saturday or Manos Monday or whatnot? Make it happen fan base :grin:


I’ve got it up on my calendar and there’s a new episode/live event every 2 weeks on Fridays as of Friday the 13th for at least the next 3.5 months.

The stuff in April was more like beta testing, the premiere wasn’t until May 6th.

But hey - no need to be sad, come watch a vault pick with us on the 20th at the usual time! Here’s the link to the discussion about it! :slight_smile: