A glitch in The Gizmoplex (Mouse Pointer Not Hiding)

I wanted to let the powers that be know that there is an annoying bug. I watch the show on a Windows 10 PC and the bug only happens in The Gizmoplex. When you make a video full screen, after a few seconds, the controls at the bottom and your mouse pointer are supposed to disappear. For me, the controls disappear like they are supposed to, but the mouse pointer “hand” does not. I then have to drag it to the edge where it only partially disappears. This is distracting and annoying, and I hope someone fixes it.


Visible mice bug me too when watching videos. I haven’t seen this myself, but it’s annoying when it happens,


Indeed. I thought for sure there would have been an “official” reply by now. Guess not.

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Alternaversal’s burning the candle at both ends right now for the public release of season 13 and the Gizmoplex suite. Give them time.


It would be nice if there was at least an acknowledgement, or a “We’re aware and looking into it” kind of response. I loved last night’s episode, but the mouse pointer was really ticking me off.

So now we have the official launch and the problem is still happening. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t happen with classic episodes, but it does happen with everything new.

I downloaded a plug-in to hide my cursor after 5sec idle. It’s solved the problem for all live streams. Not just in the ‘Plex

Really? That’s cool. Can you link me or point the way?

AutoHideMouseCursor is what I use.

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Oooh, thanks for the recommendation. Also, way to problem solve!!



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