A Movie As Revenge?

Ever use a movie as revenge on someone? You knew they’d hate it or that it blew the big one and you laid it on them anyway? What flick was it and why?

:laughing: By the time that would occur to me, I’ve already cut ties with the offending party and it’s too late.


I intentionally inflicted Birdemic (unriffed) as a gag gift for my nephew for Christmas a few years ago. He didn’t make it through the first 15 minutes, and I turned him on to the Rifftrax version after he told me how terrible it was.

Of course, this was not for Revenge, but rather for fun… I’m still waiting on the revenge from my nephew.


I watched a movie as a form of revenge, does that count? :joy:

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Honestly, if I was that desirous of revenge, I’d just stop hanging out with someone. :slight_smile:


I’m kind of in the reverse situation more commonly. I know a lot about movies and I try to really pay attention to people’s tastes, so when, e.g., my mom comes to me complaining about The Lobster being the worst movie she’s ever seen, I just say, “Well, you deserved. If you had asked me, I would’ve said stay away from Yorgos Lanthimos films.”


In college we would show people Ed Wood’s Orgy of the Dead as an endurance test.


Never has so much prurience been so boring!