A Movie or Series on the Making of MST?

You think there will ever be a Making of MST movie or series? Who would be Joel, Trace, Kevin? The story. When should it be? The beginning, Joel’s departure, the Return? What would you tell? If you could.


A mockumentary, with Christopher Guest as Joel.


Nigel, holding a film canister

How much more bad could it be? The answer is none. None more bad.


Well, it could star Clu Gulager.

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Sounds like a great series for the Gizmoplex!


If this ever happened, I think it would only be right for Kevin Bacon to play the part of Michael J. Nelson.

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@FridgeLargemeat Shrewd choice. Bacon commands those aww shucks attributes and sincerity of Mike. He’d dissolve into role. Were the years dealt with post-Joel, Mike’s onscreen persona Bacon is equipped to emulate. Kevin is older now and a fit for a young Mike may have passed.

I was thinking Ben Affleck should play Mike in the movie, and it should definitely center around the drama of Joel’s departure, and Mike taking his place. We don’t need to get too hung up on the plot though, we just really need a great cast. We need Norman Reedus to play Joel, Morgan Freeman to voice Tom Servo, and Ryan Reynolds as Crow. For the Mads, Paul Rudd as Dr. Forrester, and obviously Danny DeVito as TVs Frank. We can round out the cast with Zendaya as GPC, and of course Glen Close would be a natural as Pearl.

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@TheHippy You have any second choices Hippy? Hollywood is renown on not bagging your first choice.

Well, Kevin Bacon has been floated for Mike, and I suppose that could work, but would throw the whole movie on another trajectory. In that case, we would have to cast Daniel Craig as Joel, Laurence Fishburne for Tom, while Chis Rock would voice Crow, Steve Buscemi as Dr. F with Jack Black as Frank, Sophie Turner as GPC and at that point only Cate Blanchett would do as Pearl.

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@TheHippy A project like that with the folks referred to is too expensive to afford and not probable considering the personalities involved. You have a down to Earth cast of prospects that aren’t all A-Listers?

Fantasy cast is fantasy. Cast all the A-listers you want… if such a series were made in reality, it would be a documentary with archive footage and the actual actors talking about their experiences. A Ken Burns joint!

For one thing, a young Mike Nelson would have to be played by Kevin Bacon circa 1985 (he’s 63 now).

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What if you had to make such a movie using only actors who had appeared in MST3K experiments – then who would you cast?

Michael Landon as Joel?

David Hartman as Mike (he had prior hosting experience, so that’s a plus)?

Mel Torme as Tom Servo (he’s got the singing chops)?

Ernest Borgnine as TV’s Frank?

Roddy McDowell as Bobo?

Joe Don Baker as Jim Mallon?

or perhaps Tor Johnson as Jim Mallon (“Time for make a movie!”)

Obviously, there can be no question – Gregory Peck IS Dr. Clayton Forrester

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Fantasy casts are fine. Choose who you want. A curious aspect of fantasy is sometimes to meet it in the middle not the extreme. He went for the bleachers twice and I wondered what could actually transpire while never having a chance to. Character actors, up-and-comers, younger performers to match the age of the Best Brain people closer. A number of these top talent want astronomical sums and placing several of them together is an impossibility in real life. Sorry @TheHippy. Thanks for sharing those lists.

@AndrewCrossett Also in casting, discovery is much of the majesty of dropping into something. Seeing a new face become a name right in front of you contributes as much if not more than a familiar face we all know and love. Stealth or unconventional selections land with conviction if navigated adeptly enough so such acting turns these sleepers into hot commodities.

That’s what they told Kevin Feige, but he dared to dream big, and with just the backing of a minor studio, Disney or something like that, he was able to pull together an all-star ensemble on virtually a shoestring budget, not once, but twice. I am a man with a vision, and this movie will get made, with no compromises, well except maybe Kevin Bacon, I am really rethinking him as my second choice for Mike. As pointed out, he is getting a bit long in the tooth.

So, now we are in a bit of a bind, searching for a new co-lead actor. Fortunately, I believe Brad Pitt is available, and he will do in a pinch. But now our other co-lead, and the supporting cast no longer fit. As a result I’m going with Matt Damon as Joel, John Rhys-Davies will now voice Tom with Jeremy Irons as Crow, I understand Dr. F would be a dream role for Matthew McConaughey so why not give him a chance? Seth Rogan is a shoe-in for Frank, the vivacious Scarlett Johansson as GPC, and Jennifer Lawrence will steal the show with an Oscar worthy performance as Pearl.

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Dream big my friend. Dream big. :slightly_smiling_face: