A Plot You Would Make Disappear

Is there a premise you never liked and it bugs you to this day? What is it? A particular romance? A certain subject? A genre? Name a story you wish never existed. It can be anything.

Return of the Living Dead (1985) is near my top. Comedy involving life and death due to my open heart surgeries compounded by horror is too much to enjoy myself. Likewise Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986) for exactly the same reason.

Battlefield Earth.
Didn’t want to see it, knew it would be bad, hated watching, friends still apologize for dragging me to opening night. They thought it would be better based on hype they heard. They were wrong, they realized fast how wrong they were.

I can suspend belief to watch and enjoy schlock pretty easy, but I just couldn’t for that piece of garbage.


Battlefield Earth remains the one and only movie I walked out of part way through. It’s unbearable. I think the only way to riff it would be to get 15 minutes into it and say, nah, let’s do something else.

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I’ve never been a fan of movies where a lot of time is spent showing how good and full and rich a character’s life is right up until it’s revealed that the one thing they are missing and truly want is love.

Because then of course the only way they can get love is to turn their perfect, full, rich life upside down.

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The Spock / Uhura dynamic in the Star Trek Kelvin universe.

The “Evil Leaper” arc in Quantum Leap.

The side quest to the casino planet in The Last Jedi. (What a waste of Finn and Rose.)