A REQUEST FROM THE MST3K TEAM: Tell us your FAVORITE moments from Season 13!

While we do still have live events running in the Gizmoplex through February, we’ve been reminiscing around MST3K HQ on what our favorite moments from season 13 were – and that has of course led us to be curious about YOUR favorite moments too!

So please share with us: what was your favorite sketch and favorite riff in the new season? Which moments have stuck in your mind the most over the past year? Feel free to shout out shorts, aftershows, and extra Gizmoplex stuff as well as the full length episodes if you want.

I look forward to sharing your faves with Joel and the rest of the team! Thanks y’all!


The 3D mask segment from the end of The Mask’s episode.


Gonna be the first to shout out “Mother Crabber!”


I’ll get into specific sketches, riffs, and other Gizmoplex stuff, but for a little moment that meant something?

I loved loved loved that one moment from the opening host segment of Santo in the Treasure of Dracula where Pearl invites Kinga to catch a showing of The Crawling Eye over at the Gizmoplex.

For me, I loved how that one moment not only showed this love of continuity for the series, going all the way back to the first nationally run episode of the series, but that it also effectively branched all the eras together, gave extra character definition to Pearl (and by extension, Kinga), and made the Gizmoplex seem important in the fabric of it all.

It was a simple line of dialogue, but I find that it accomplished a lot. Serious geeking-out commenced.


“I’m cold.”


Everytime Growler and Waverly appeared (whether if it’s a couple’a episodes from Season 13, the Vault Picks, and even the Halloween Contest), they always put a hyped-up smile on my face.


I’m a big fan of Waverly and especially Growler, and I loved their redemptive moment near the end of The Christmas Dragon where they fully decided that they weren’t henchmen.

An absolute pump-a-fist-in-the-air-and-shout-“YES!” moment.


Buuuuuuttt, I did waste my time worrying for them thinking they were completely under Kinga’s control (as in… reprogrammed).


The most memorable sketch for me will definitely be “I’m a Mother Crabber.”


Favorite moment #1 was when Joel announced he would return to riff some episodes and his subsequent appearances.
Favorite moment #2 was that ten minutes into Beyond Atlantis I was loving Emily and her crew!
And #3 has to be the after shows that introduced us to the cast and writers and gave us so much background on what it was like to produce the season.
I can’t leave out #4 when season 14 was confirmed!!!


Best riff, I’ll give to Gamera’s Lament. Funny on its own, and punctuated how drawn-out the scene was.


General note: anything involving Dr. Donna St. Phibes was gold. It was always a joy to see her pop up in host segments.


I’ll add more once I’ve had a chance to sit down and think about it, but off the top of my head:

White Dot.

I know it’s probably not @ivan’s happiest memory, but the fact that we all took that moment, ran with it, and turned what could have been a bad beginning into wonderful fandom history says so much about this group of fans and the team behind the scenes.


This represented something terrific, because when the episode premiered, you could see that MST3K spirit come out in the Arena chat and in the forum. So many great jokes, so much good-natured humor. The fan-based riffing flew furiously, and it all went to the heart of the show’s premise from the KTMA theme song: “Joel says when you’ve got lemons, you make lemonade.”

And holy cats, did we fill a reservoir with lemonade!


I feel like it’s a tie between the Mother Crabber song and the Smack-a-lite of Love wrestling skit!


When Munchie appears and Jonah and the bots are all freaking out, I laughed out loud when I saw that part, it was hilarious


Yeah… I knew this was all going to work when the season premiere was delayed like two hours and instead of rioting and getting ugly like they would have almost anywhere else, the fans settled in for a virtual tailgate party while we waited.


In no particular order:

Cult of the White Dot
(even funnier because it happened right after Joel said “Here’s what we spent your money on.”)

Mother Crabber Rap

3D sequences from The Mask

The cast & crew live streams

The wrestling host segments



White Dot turned out to be the breakout character of the season. All hail White Dot!!!