A REQUEST FROM THE MST3K TEAM: Tell us your FAVORITE moments from Season 13!

Mask 3D was cool.

Another 3D movie would be great!


Three more! favorite things… Been watching and remembering:

  1. Learning (sometime during one of those early Zoom events before the new episodes started dropping) that Hampton Yount has been sitting on a dynamite Alex Jones impression this whole time? TOTAL. GAME. CHANGER. Hampton also had a great remark on one of those Zooms when he saw Jonah had a guitar up on his wall, something like: “And there’s Jonah’s official freshman in college acoustic guitar! That’s right. We alllll get one.”

  2. Yvonne Freese in general, but especially Mega-Synthia, and ESPECIALLY Mega-Synthia Selects! I had not caught Yvonne’s performance until the Time Bubble live show late in 2021, which was fun but I wasn’t sure how it’d transfer to the screen. And it turns out I love Mega-Synthia’s manic Bizarro energy and how she plays off Synthia and Pearl, and I hope there is much, much more of her in Season 14!

  3. This exchange from Robot Wars
    STUMPY (preparing to ambush menacing “Centros”): What would John Wayne do?
    TOM SERVO: Say something racist?
    STUMPY (charging): Remember the Alamo!
    TOM SERVO: Yeah, like that!

More to come, probably in threes…


Yeah this was a favorite too. Probably the best live post-show. Still haven’t seen Munchie’s. But again a lot of this is trying to remember at least 14 events of more than 2.5 hours.


Batman Throat


Also, GPC needs way better lines! :woman_shrugging:


My favorite moments from season 13? Here’s my answer…


There wasn’t a part of season 13 I didn’t like. The movies are perfect for MST3K, the cast is awesome, the bonus host segments are wholesome. I will add to really liking the comeback of fan mail. (Thank you guys again for reading my letter). The Jackbox showdowns are a lot of fun and I really enjoy those as well as all of the post show discussions.

If there’s anything specific, I will add to this! :grin:
Great job everyone in the cast and crew! Thank esp much for doing what you do! :heart:


My name’s Twilight and I’m a Dracula.


I’m back! with three more favorites:

  1. Beyond Atlantis was such a great first episode for Emily – a killer song, great sketches, and a deeply weird movie. And definitely my favorite GPC2 riff of the season…
    SYRENE (trying to get invited back to civilization): I would have a chance to find a way for myself… to be a woman, and not just a tool for survival.
    GPC 2: Bad news, honey.

  2. The “shimmy hypnotize!” sketch from Doctor Mordrid. Crow ripping on Servo is always comedy gold, but when GPC 2 pops in at the end and gets into the mix, it becomes a thing transcendant! Kelsey and Yvonne definitely need to play together more in the next season.

  3. The SINGLE MOMENT of any livestream that most threatened my health from laughter: During the second Jackbox showdown, after the last game had finished, the window closed and Baron Vaughn was suddenly the big man in the center of the screen. The double take he did when he saw this almost removed my ability to breathe permanently. It was such a simple thing, but that is just how holy crap got dang funny Baron Vaughn is.

More to (re-)watch, more to come!


My favourite moments from Season 13 are:

“Paging Dr. Awesome. There’s a call for you on the ‘Nailed It’ phone.” from Dr. Mordrid


The Spanish version of “Every Country has a Monster” from Batwoman

So many really strong riffs this season!


Whoever had the bright idea to reuse Servo’s killer octopus costume from Killer Fish for a They Came From Beneath the Sea ad was a genius.


I need to rewatch the season to pick out specifics, but my #1 is Rebecca Hansen’s joyful performance as Synthia. More of that, please!


Susan’s bloodlust in Gamera vs Jiger