A REQUEST FROM THE MST3K TEAM: Tell us your FAVORITE moments from Season 13!

Two absolute favorite host segments, and I need to add a third into the mix:

The “Monster RSVP / Monster Thanksgiving” song from The Mask 3D.

Funny-as-hell stuff that complements a Halloween episode so well, paying homage to all the great movie monsters WHILE ALSO slyly and subtly tipping a hat to Thanksgiving being the best time of year for MSTies.

That, and the song’s oldies sensibilities really put it in line well with other MST3K classics like “Creepy Girl” and “Where O Werewolf.” Loved it to no foreseeable end!


Yes that was an inspired bit


Mmhmm. It was reference-rich AND it had that Monster Mash vibe in full force.

Halloween’s my favorite time of year, and that “Monster RSVP / Monster Thanksgiving” host segment - among everything else in this episode - was wonderful as a celebration of that.


Emily and the Bots doing the international version of “Every Country Has a Monster” upon seeing the Reptilicus boat name in The Batwoman.

Absolutely inspired.


Also, from Sumaru:

“It’s a boy!”


The moment this season that got the biggest, happiest scream, courtesy of Demon Squad :



You can pass along my personal thank you to whoever wrote “A hood on a hood on a hood” for Santo. My appreciation for that joke is immense. It’s so concise, yet so funny,


Favorite pop cultural reference, courtesy of the appearance of those trash bag people in The Shape of Things to Come :

Crow: “wimpy wimpy wimpy!”



Oh my word, yes! The log flume/floating mask puppet brought me SUCH joy!!!


Also, whoever wrote that "Kidz Bop version of Eastern Promises " riff for Munchie is a freaking legend.


Lesley, why you gotta be so mean? How can I pick a favorite moment? Can I say the entire season?

The off the top of my head moments are Mother Crabber, the wrestling sketch for absolutely crushing it right out of the gate, the friggin’ awesome Mask puppet, the return of Dr. Donna, the mere existence of Synthia’s Selects, all three sets of riffers (bonus points to Kelsey, who had to put up with more crap from reprehensible asshats), and the aftershow appearances of the writers and special guests with ties to the movies.

And all through the season it seemed like great riffs and sketches kept getting credited to Devon, so give that man a bonus cookie and his favorite Tragic Moments figurine. And extra cookies for the cast and crew who pop in here to interact with us crazy people.


Yeah, I think the Supportive Wrestlers sketch was my favorite host segment of the season.


I loved Cavalcade for being so random and out there (ostrich racing? really?), and also for bringing Pearl and Dr. Erhardt (!!!) into the theater for a riff with some really sharp writing and vocal performances.

“Gentlemen, this is going to be a WILD game of Mouse Trap” and “These will go great with my maid costume, ooh la la!” are spectacular riffs from that, among others.


Also adding my appreciation for what came about as a result of White Dot. The particular shining moment for me was Joel coming on camera during that to say “hey everyone we’re working on it thanks for your patience” but when he went off camera his microphone was still live. And I was soooo worried that we’d have the kind of hot mic experience that’s so famous, with people cursing out and demeaning their staff. I was terrified of the REAL Joel Hodgson being exposed. Well, we did meet the real Joel, because what I heard was him saying essentially “hey, things happen, it’s not the best situation but we’ll work through it, it’s cool.” Real Joel matches idealized Joel and sets an example for the entire community!

The other thing I really like, mostly because it’s so bizarre, is when Lesley shares this comment with Joel and he’s all “wow that’s really meta, I can’t believe he accurately predicted exactly what I’d say… hmmm. Basket! Shoelace! Incredible. How does he—Banana! Okay this is just too weird.”

  1. Joel coming back!

2.Meeting Connor again (saw her at a live show first.)

3.Staring off into the void and meeting….”The

4.Stange Financier from the Future!”
(Byron killed it in that stuff)

  1. Every movie had strong riffing. (This group is in the zone.)

  2. Mary Jo as Pearl is such a treat.


Jackey Neyman Jones and her stories/recollections/thoughts about the whole Manos experience for the Manos tribute made that event above and beyond amazing.

I also got a big kick out of screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner sharing his insights about Doctor Mordrid in the post-premiere discussion, and Thomas Smith and Erin Lilley Smith joining us after Demon Squad.


Completely random moments off the top of my very tired brain:

  • The Munchie freakout. Legendary.
  • The aftershow chats (especially the Demon Squad folks, Kenneth Hall, and C. Courtney Joyner) and the birth of “The Stinger.”
  • The wrestling sketches.
  • “Gamera’s Lament”
  • The Escape, complete with the singing of Mike’s Theme.

Fruit Rooster!!!



Aaannnddd the space cab’s gone.


Favorite Gizmoblip moments:

From the July Vault Picks Gizmoblip for Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, Jonah pulling a coin out of Crow’s head via magic, leading Crow to develop a mad money-making scheme on the fly, culminating in Crow yelling “QUIET, YOU! I could buy and sell you a hundred times over with my head coins!”

From the August Vault Picks Gizmoblip for Prince of Space, Crow singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” only to have Emily confront Crow over her stolen Thin Mints, leading to the conclusion that it could have been any number of Crows from the Multiverse.

From the November Vault Picks Gizmoblip for Night of the Blood Beast, Emily claims to be Jonah, but can’t get one over on the Bots. But then Jonah shows up, claiming to be Emily…