A Riffing project I'm working on, no name yet.

The idea is that it’s a one-man MST3K, with occasional guests
I’m trying to hit some perfectly riffable movies that somehow escaped MST3K’s grasp.

The first episode is They Came From Beyond Space. It’s the only episode I have fully planned.

(P.S. The silhouette is a placeholder)


While thinking about it, I’ve decided that the next two episodes will be Gamera vs. Viras, (the one MST skipped from the original series) and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter.


Are you recording the silhouet6te at the same time as the audio? I would do that, but I’m still going to have to jury-rig something for the silhouettes. I’ll have to record it separately.


I collect b-movies in the public domain on YouTube. Not all of them have been done by MST3K, RT, or CT. I have a special category for unriffed versions from the multi-riff-verse. Note that YouTube has been putting things in the wrong place as of late. Look for no_anions on YouTube. I also subscribe to various accounts that post movies. I strongly recommend Creature Features. If you see John Stanley as a guest, it’s even more enjoyable. The guy has great stories.


I record the audio at the same time, I’ve devised a way to temporarily cheat having to use my video screen as my camera. (record w/ me facing the camera, flip it, and point backwards when I need to point)


Well, I’ve added some more chairs and placed my first (and only) take in its seat (gotta redo it, I spoke too quietly), what do you think?


Something I’ve been wondering, if for a YouTube format {I’m assuming this is where you’ll be sharing these) would it make sense to have the seating be closer? I haven’t gotten to this part myself yet. But it’s something I’ve been considering.

Also, maybe this is just from a dark scene in the film, but you might want to brighten the movie up a bit of they’re all like this.

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I agree, I should put the seats a bit closer. It is a darker scene, but I probably should brighten the movie.


I’ve come up with some general ideas for the host segments.
I’ve decided to have the scientist (no name yet) be significantly more sane than the average mad-scientist-that-sends-people-trapped-in-space-really-bad-movies-type of guy, and it’ll be the assistant that will be the eviler one, in a funny, mischievous manner.

My theme song will (likely) not have lyrics, and will come in after the first host segment. (for extra flavor)

Also, at some point, I want to have an episode featuring some kind of MST3K crossover, i.e. I’m thinking about having Servo make an appearance for an episode, but the gimmick with that is that I want to come up with some storyline for the host segments, maybe he was somehow jettisoned from the SOL and we need to get him back up there, etc.


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I’m switching gears and riffing Gamera: Super Monster as the first movie, and I’ll wait for a bit to do They Came From Beyond Space.

This movie’s WAY easier for me to riff.

(it also helps that I own a physical copy of this one, so I can have the camera behind me while I watch it on the ol’ portable blu ray player.)


A sample of the intro segment.

(I’m showing off my lightsaber, made with things that you may find around the house and county!)

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We love that movie. Some parts really do write the riffs for you.


After way too long, I have decided to revive this project with a different-er approach!
I’ve decided that I’m just gonna riff whatever I feel like riffing at a given time, and right now, it’s a toss-up between a good movie (The Fly 1958), and a bad movie (good ol’ Plan 9).
I’m preparing the movie part first, so I have time to formulate host segments. I’ll probably wind up filming both Fly and Plan 9 back-to-back, and I’ll pick whichever one feels more natural.

Might as well!

(Note: I’m not abandoning Gamera Super Monster, but in my initial run, it began to get really clunky around the 5 minute mark, so I’ll have to go back and tweak things.)