A sincere thank you to *everyone* involved in bringing MSTies a Season 13

Season 13 wrapped. The live presentation of the Christmas Dragon was so special to me and thankfully it seemed to be special to a lot of others as well. Everyone involved in bringing the show to us fans seems genuine and and real in their love for Mystery Science Theater. They love our community, even those who are more critical of change, and are so passionate about trying to make a MST3K we can all continue to love and celebrate.

It blows my mind as I watch brand new MST3K through TVs, Phones, Game Consoles, Tablets, laptops…I used to have maybe a channel on a farm, and if I was lucky and hung off the antenna just right, I could catch MST3K maybe 3 times a year? If I got to stay at my friend’s house, maybe 5 or 6 times a year? This is like wanting and needing more time with a cherished family member
that you even thought may disappear all together and suddenly there they are, living with you year round instead of only being able to visit every so often.

To everyone who brought us this season, no matter how big or small a role you think you played, you are appreciated, I cant imagine the challenges you all faced to do this, but know I am eternally grateful for what you have worked so hard to bring to the MSTie community. I thought it was an incredible season and will continue to support however I can.

Thank you!


I second this. I’m so happy I could help make it happen by backing the kickstarter. This has been quite the ride. Thank you.


Thirded. I want to give a particular thanks for the level of planning this season has had, too. It was a fantastic decision to space out the season as it was, with each episode being made to really feel like an event. Having the dates for each premiere available to us from the get-go to put aside in the calendar was an inspired move.

This season consistently felt really special throughout the year because of this unique structure, and resulted in me having a sense of connection to the show as a fan in a way I’ve not felt with any other TV series. Amazing work.