A Sort Button

Just a thought I had while sorting through the fridge…

Presently, every time you change one of the sort fields, there’s a delay as the video fridge resorts to match your input. It’s not a huge deal, but it becomes more noticeable when you’re changing more than one field.

What are the chances of changing the interface so that you can change the fields as much as you want and the list doesn’t resort until you push a big “Apply” button so that you only get the reload delay once?

(Edited to include Vader’s idea from downthread.)


If this is a feature you want to see, don’t just comment or react, vote! Ivan’s team looks at votes for items to decide what to work on next.



Maybe instead of the button being labeled as “Sort”, it should be labeled as “Apply”.

Either way, I support this notion and have voted for it.


I like that idea better too, and I edited it into the original post for visibility.