A thread for D&D nonsense 🐉 ⚔

Making this thread in the hopes other people in this amazing community are D&D players. My nesting partner is one of my players, so I NEED people I can talk about my wacky campaign ideas with. Who wants to nerd the funk out over D&D (and RP in general) with me? :crossed_swords: :dragon:


That sounds a lot like GURPS!

I guess I technically cut my teeth on MUSHes back in the 90s, but for tabletop RP it was definitely D&D and Vampire the Masquerade (which also spiraled into LARPing).

I TOO am the forever DM. But I love it, I have so so so many stories to tell. My previous campaign is the subject of Nanowrimo for me this year!

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Not trying to be mean here but that wasn’t a reply to you, that was a link to an earlier thread on the same subject.


This one is specifically for D&D, though.


I’m am D&D-curious…if that helps =)


I realized after the fact. Though I am more intending this one as a brain dump for GMs to talk over campaign ideas without our players finding out. I accidentally invited most of my pals that I talked about my campaigns about to be players in my currently ongoing campaign, and now I have no one to tell my ideas to anymore!


I started playing D&D in 1978. Haven’t recently since I don’t have a group. But I still like to talk about it!


I highly recommend checking out Adventure Zone, it’s a podcast by 3 brothers and their dad and they play D&D. It’s pretty hysterical and gives a pretty fair idea of how a D&D campaign works.

I’m about to start recording our sessions just so I stop forgetting key plot points, but I don’t think it’s going to be anywhere near as high quality (and will be rife with curses and other nonsense because of course it will be).

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I started probably around '96 or '97. And then of course many long years in between here and there because of adult life!

What kind of D&D, though-it’s like 6 different games.

I’m slowly teaching myself to play Marvel Super Heroes/FASERIP. Hope to do some solo play videos in the future but still learning the mechanics. I’ve never played D&D but listen to a bunch of actual play podcasts.


Highly recommend giving it a whirl! You’re always welcome at my sessions anytime, and I’m always happy to crash course noobs through everything! :heart:

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…magic missile…

…the darkness…

…gray eyes…

I realize now I probably should’ve tagged @themwaverly in this invitation to D&D.

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Apparently, you can deeyendy on a thing called Tilt5.

Hm, will look into it!

1st ed. kid here. Recently picked up the 5th ed. PH because it was stupid cheap and I was curious. I think it’s now less daunting for new players, but it’s still the same game. No idea if I’ll get the chance to actually play anytime soon.

Take heart, spellcasting in 5e is still ridiculously complex.

I liked 1st through 3rd edition D&D, as well as Basic. 4th edition drove me right out of the game and into the arms of Pathfinder. 5th edition is a big improvement over 4th but still has some stuff that makes it a deal breaker for me.