A thread for D&D nonsense 🐉 ⚔

Yeah, to me D&D 3.5 (or Pathfinder) is the Windows 7 of RPG’s… when you get a version that’s as close to perfect as you’ll ever get, you still have to change it to give the market something new and shiny… which means you have to make it worse.

Pathfinder material is available online too:


I won’t lie. It looks good; it’s nicknamed Dungeons & Dragons 3.75 as it builds on those rules and even improves on them. Some of the new classes like gunslinger (!), oracle, inquisitor, etc look fun and I like improvements to the original classes like how the fighter has bravery (increased will saves) and armor training (reductions in armor check penalties).

OK, so…never played D&D (no one around me did so I never found groups)

But…every now and then I find sheets for random characters in it and like to share.

Like in this Twitter thread:

And more recently:

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Funny you mention those; Steve Jackson Games (makers of GURPS) also made an RPG called Toon.

TOON: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game (sjgames.com)

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Dragon Magazine was often doing stuff like that. I have an issue (April, of course) where they statted up pastiches of Mulder & Scully from The X-Files, as well as a character who was an amalgamation of Don Knotts’ three most famous characters.

Dragon Magazine had some great stuff. Dragon+ is… lacking, for me.

It makes me so happy that so many people are enjoying D&D and TTRPGs in general. That is all, carry on. :heart:

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I didn’t even know Dragon+ was still a thing.

Yeah, it’s like bi-monthly or something. Mostly, it’s articles about whatever the next book is and then something about Critical Role.

Completely different- here’s a Kickstarter that looks really neat.

I’m currently in the process of building dice boxes, similar (depending on results) to Wyrmwood. I’ll post something when I have a result beyond a template.

I personally started to play about a year ago when a co-worker mentioned he wanted to DM a game. It started with just two players and a DM, grew to four, moved to my garage, and then begrudgingly online. We took a break since our cleric had a baby and I’m hoping we get the band back together or I’m going to need someone to take the aforementioned dice boxes off my hands.

BTW, that GM patron Warlock thing sounds kind of amazing. It might fit well with my video game style of learning stuff about how game stats and mechanics work, but wanting to actually role-play in the game where my character (at least currently) is kind of a dummy.

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As soon as I find the particular module I’m looking for, which I believe to be buried somewhere in the rugged terrain of books, comics and pamphlets that is my bedroom, I’ll come in here and see who’s up for a play-by-post campaign.

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I’m not sure how play-by-post works, but I’m interested to learn more.

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That background works well with the Tales Of Arcana rpg, which features several god-like beings who are aware that they are fictional characters in an RPG setting, like the story sprite.

Huh. I didn’t see that coming. That’s even cooler then.

I came across these two videos yesterday that might be of interest to those reading this thread.


You roll up a character, I get a module and run it online. I post what’s happening for all the players, and each player rolls their dice and posts the results, along with their actions, dialogue, etc.

It’s slower and less intimate than a live game, but time and time zones and availability are not issues… everybody just does their thing whenever they have the time.

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There used to be some play-by-post forum I did a DND campaign on years ago. (I can’t remember it.)

I remember it because we lost Wi-Fi at our house; to continue, I had to take my laptop to my local Starbucks to play my character!

Oh, and if anyone is interested, D&D released their new survey a few days ago, asking about settings (so if you want a Planescape or Dark Sun reboot for the 50th, you know what to do), character classes, play habits, etc.

The Designers & Dragons series of books is excellent, too. There’s one volume for each decade from the 70s to the 00s.

Here’s a website that might be of interest. They have licensed PDFs of old modules and even rule books available for sale. I downloaded a few old modules like the Against the Giants series and Into the Underdark ones for a massive nostalgia rush:


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I still have most of mine, in paper form. Sometimes I think my perfect RPG system would be 1st edition D&D with the 3rd Edition combat system, skills and feats tacked on.