A thread for D&D nonsense 🐉 ⚔

Any luck? Dying to play-by-post or anything where I get to RP but don’t have to be the DM for a change. XD

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I think this weekend I will institute a search for that module, and then put out a call to see who here is up for it.

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A lot of the classic D&D stuff is also available on DriveThruRPG. I think the big thing for DMs Guild is the fact that they have semi-official canon-ish expansions that WotC wouldn’t release as a full book for a variety of reasons (budget, marketing, etc.).

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Drive Thru RPG is part of the same site now.

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Heads up- Kalymba has 14 hours left. I really wish I had the extra money this month to support this, but at least I can give them a signal boost.

I have some PDFs in storage of the 3.0e modules the Sunless Citadel, the Forge of Fury and Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. (Before anyone DMs me asking for those, the answer is NO.)

All three were great adventures. My old DND group though refused to play WOTC’s modules.

I played D&D once as a kid. It was at a friend’s birthday party - probably 13th? - and since it was his party, he was DM’ing. It was his first time DM’ing. Most of us (besides him) had never actually played before. Every move encountered a monster. I don’t think that is how it generally works if you’re running a newbie/“easy” campaign. Whole thing (including character creation) lasted maybe half an hour? I seem to recall we all died.

I’ve played a MUD (Hexonyx) off and on since the mid-90s, which seems D&D adjacent. I’m interested in seeing real play/trying my hand again. The FLGS in town used to run Monday night games (they stopped at the start of the pandemic and I don’t know if they started up again), but the timing for it doesn’t work for me. So, I’m left at the “D&D Curious” stage, I guess.

I’ve not watched it myself, but Critical Role is very popular. Perhaps watching a little of that might get you an idea of how all the parts come together.

Yeah, that’s a common approach for young newbie DM’s… what’s the point of having a room if there’s no monster in it?

Critical Role is amazing, but it’s one flaw is that it’s not a realistic view of D&D. Matt Mercer, the DM, is incredibly prepared and skilled at his role. The players are all talented voice actors and play well together. So it’s amazing to watch or listen to. So if you sit down with friends to play, your reality check is that not everyone quite knows the rules and it’s not nearly as fancy an experience. When you’re DM doesn’t provide a unique voice for every single character you encounter and you’re like hey, where’s all the production values? This is just a basement! You’ll realize you got spoiled on Critical Role.

Still, I’ve listened to a bunch of Critical Role and learned lots of the rules from it, got ideas about how to play, and tried it - and love it. So it’s a great example of a very fancy, extremely well put together campaign. Just remember your own experience may be more basic, but can still be incredibly rewarding.

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Crap, I’m itching to play and didn’t realize it. :rofl: