A Verrrry Silhouettey er Silly Question (Emily and the 'hybrid' crew)

How long until we have an Emily-in-theater silhouette? Twixt Servo and Crow. Is her point on point?

I mean ok yeah she’s been on the tour, ok yeah she’s done bits for the new season, yeah she was picked by and worked with Joel, yeah she’s done her time etc et-f-c whatevs— the sihlouette makes it real! :wink:

As she officially has three experiments under her belt, but they’re harder-to-find-than-KTMA offerings, I’ve been thinking that it’s a shame that we won’t have this important beginning to share with each other down the road (ie no filming)

Has anyone thought of archiving photos from fans, tour clippings, etc etc to preserve and centralize this new era? Beyond just a wiki or fandom wiki blurb. And obviously I do not mean to exclude her amazing cast-mates, the back and front stage and house crews, bot-wranglers, etc. We know so many of the BTS folks from the episodes, would love to get the tour-weary folk a bow. This is a good time to be a fan, and I’d like it to be ‘remembered’ best possible. We’ll have the G-plex and streaming events that got us here now, sure.

What do you think?

Actually, we already have her theater silhouette from the grocery short she did:


Ah right this re-visit, fantastic! Thanks…