Ability to queue up multiple films for the virtual cinema to play in order, with option to shuffle order

Hi! One feature that I would find extremely useful would be the ability to queue up a set of any number of films to play in order: a virtual movie marathon if you will. Especially given the nature of shorts, it will be great to set up a list and let the virtual cinema just keep rolling.

And in addition, a “play all” especially with a “randomize” option would be great too.


And there can be preassembled marathons you can click on and eventually celebrity marathon packs you can select to see what stunt casting celebrity person picked. Did you watch the Kim Cattrall pack? So good. She picks the best episode combinations.


If I had my druthers, I’d want a shuffle button and the ability to pick a list of episodes to be shuffled. For those days when I want it playing in the background all day.


City Limits not included so she can show how humble she is.


This is known in some dimensions as “PLAYLISTS”

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They’ll probably call them Kingaqueues.