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Aw, there’s already gum on the floor. And somebody stepped on it! This is why we can’t have nice things.


I’m getting a weird buzz…and suddenly I taste blue and wooden?

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Free snack! It’s only lightly chewed, right?

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For snacks, I’ll have 2 No. 9s, a No. 9 large, a No. 6 with extra dip, a No. 7, 2 No. 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda… (wait, scratch that. I don’t even like soda.)
… or I can just have a small-sized popcorn, and some medium fries with a small lemonade.

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A thread before its time:

On my way in I passed a dog in a satellite just sitting on the lunar surface. No one had even cracked the window for her. I brought her in, her name tag says Laika, can I keep her?


Maybe a resume episode, if you are forced to step away from an episode but want to finish it later?


My mistake. It does pick up where you left off, if you are far enough into the episode.

From: Project Update #57
“* We’ve developed a VIRTUAL THEATER with a team of just 2-3 people.”

So, uhh, what happened to that third person?


The heartbreak of psoriasis.

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I would just like to know if we would be able to download season 13 episodes from Gizmoplex like we seem to be able to with the various previous “collections” we got as digital Kickstarter rewards? If so, when would we be able to download them? How long after the livestreaming premiere? Also, how soon after Friday’s livestreaming premiere would you be able to watch the recording?

I hear good things about the sandstorms.

OK, not good things. But things.

Received the rewards last night, redeemed this morning. No issues what so ever. As usual I am early with a bag of popcorn and I have already spilled most of it on the floor…

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I’m more concerned on how they developed the thing with -1 person. Does a ghost count as a -1 or are three of the team members made of anti-matter. Questions must be answered!

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Tiny, super nitpicky feedback RE: Gizmoplex.com:

Library opens to a new tab. Seems like it wouldn’t, so mentioning it here. If that’s by design then please ignore this.

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No, you misunderstand. They started with 2 people, and one of them underwent full-body mitosis.


Probably some stupid questions here, BUT:

I’ve downloaded the MST3K app from Google Play. Is this the same app as the “Gizmoplex” or is that something separate?

When they talk about “live” events, does that mean like a live stream, or simply when the episode goes “live” to be watched?

Lastly: I’m planning on watching tomorrow night of course, but is there anything special i should be aware of happening before the broadcast time?

Thanks for answering my stupid, stupid questions.

Yes the MST3K app is the Gizmoplex app.

The live premiere with be a live, as in live stream event. Like the YT watch parties over the summer. I’m not sure how the chat feature will work though.

On the app, no I don’t think anything is happening before the premiere time. I’m sure we will all be collectively bouncing off the walls here in the forum until the premiere event itself test starts.


Thanks, i kinda figured but wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing something