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Well, jeez, THIS was the place for this link instead of that other one where I posted it already first:


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Oo, a “soft launch”! Daddy, you’re so randy! bow-chicka-bow-bow :heart_eyes:

All I ask is for the “Sign Out” button be changed to the “Leave The Bronx” button. My life would then be complete :smile:


Very excited to be admitted to the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater.

I did notice that going fully full screen doesn’t work on Safari yet. But watching in theater mode is charming.

Also that subtitles seem to be a lagging a bit behind dialogue. But I don’t really use them. I just like clicking buttons.

And when I first tried to log in via phone was told that resolution and orientation were not supported. Not a problem as I have the app for that but it does make me wonder how casting virtual theater from phone to tv will work in the future.

Those are my observations so far but its very exciting to already be in the theater! On the backer wall and everything!


I will give generously to acquire a penny, a nickel, even a dollar in order to make this happen!

Sorry, how do I log into the virtual theater? When I go to https://theater.gizmoplex.com and enter my Gizmoplex account, it doesn’t accept it. Do I need some kind of beta invite?

EDIT: Nevahmind, I found the info in the backer update. Invites are being emailed in waves.

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If I may make a suggestion? It might be a good idea to add a clearly visible “Go Back” button in each of the Gizmoplex “rooms”. This would make navigating the website a little easier.


I would like to see the back of myself and my viewing friends in the 1st row. Avatars watching the Bots watching the movie.

Is it not nifty? I merely ask for more time in which to watch … and test more too.

I know we’re all excited and we all want to help and want this thing to be as enjoyable as possible because we have essentially directly invested in it, but, after looking at the threads in /c/gizmoplex/virtual-theater/24, I also feel like we should all really just relax.

When I watched the gang after Robot Wars, it sure seemed to me like they were on the defensive and I was like, “what’s up with that?” But now I see that some are having the exact reactions that they warned everyone not to have — “this is not the finished product … don’t roast us for things that we have already acknowledged aren’t done.”

I mean, I’m not surprised. I work in web development and this is literally the same thing that happens with every client when we show them in-progress work with loud caveats like, “don’t pay attention to X right now, just look at Y.” They ALWAYS comment on X.

Basically, find the line between being helpful and being unnecessarily harsh. These people are putting a lot of work in AND doing their best to keep us involved in and aware of the process. Hold up your end of the bargain by familiarizing yourself with what should be considered an issue.


I was chillin’ in the Gizmoplex (theater mode), watching City Limits, when I decided to adjust the time location on the movie. It took me 7 tries to not hit mute. This happened early in the movie, so the movie bar was right above the sound button.

Love the look of the theater, especially the curtains.

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It seems that fullscreen is not an option. There’s tiny and there’s bigger, but both of them still show the proscenium and seats. Is the fullscreen button not active yet?

There should be a full-screen button on the video player itself. Bottom right corner.

The whole website is very cute. I love the artwork and the concept. It makes me giggle every time I load the page. It feels like going to a movie theatre, especially with the cutouts. The concept is a bit retro. I remember visiting Batbad’s website that explored and linked the movies of David Lynch. This reminds me of that.

I don’t believe I’ve had any issues with the site so far. My main criticism (if I was splitting hairs) would be the limitation placed by modelling the site on a physical space. It makes for slightly more involved navigation. I’m sure once I find the shortcuts and learn the layout better, that won’t matter. And really it already doesn’t matter when you consider the fact that it’s part of the charm. Though the ability to dim the theatre lights to better blur the lines between the host and the bots would be nice.

Hi-Keba!!! Just got my link to the theater, and it’s so awesome! Love the movie sign into the watch theater. Plus found my name on the backer wall too. This is so cool! It’s gonna be stellar when all the areas are up and running. I know I should really just relax, but just can’t right now. :smiley: