Activation Email

Does anyone know if today (4/30/22) is still the last day for everyone (including non-Kickstaters like me) who purchased a season pass to receive their activation email? I still haven’t received mine (checked spam and everything) and am holding off on emailing customer support in case 4/30/22 is just for the Kickstarter backers with everyone else being activated next week.

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Good question. I never received mine either, and would have liked to have watched Beyond Atlantis in the Kingadome. My backer number is in the 4000 range, so I was surprised I did not receive mine weeks ago.

Everything so far has been Backer-only. For Backers without an invite try sending an email to .

If you backed the Kickstarter at a level that included a Gizmoplex pass, you should be able to watch episodes through the VHX site, if not the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater.

If you bought a pass after the KS ended, you won’t be able to watch anything until the general launch on May 6.

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I’m in the 3000 range and never got an invite. My sister is in the 4000 range with you and got her invite months ago. I’m rather upset it looks like I won’t be able to access the virtual theater until the general public opening. I asked Ivan on here and was ignored. I tried asking in the comments of the kickstarter page and emailed them through there and have also been ignored. So I wouldn’t count on getting any help.

Where did you email us, and when?

I sent the email to several weeks ago.

Can you email me at now and let me know what email address? We’ve been answering almost every message we get.