Actor/Actress appearing the most

Who do you think has appeared the most in the films/shorts on Mst3k?


Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Mamie Van Doren, and, of course, Joe Don Baker.


If we’re counting The Day the World Ended as part of the MST3K Home Game (included in the festivities on Sci-Fi Channel before they showed the Season 8 premiere Revenge of the Creature), then it would be Jonathan Haze at six episodes along with:

-311: It Conquered the World
-315: Teenage Caveman
-317: Viking Women and the Sea Serpent
-503: Swamp Diamonds
-511: Gunslinger


There are three other actors who clocked in five performances:

Peter Graves

-K13: SST Death Flight
-311: It Conquered the World
-418: Attack of the the Eye Creatures (narration only)
-517: Beginning of the End
-811: Parts: The Clonus Horror

Bruno VeSota

-307: Daddy-O
-406: Attack of the Giant Leeches
-511: Gunslinger
-515: The Wild Wild World of Batwoman
-806: The Undead

Ed Nelson

-K15: Superdome
-315: Teenage Caveman
-503: Swamp Diamonds
-701: Night of the Blood Beast
-814: Riding with Death (where he was SO elusive!)


I bet the visualizeo relationships connectorator programmed up website someone made last year knows.

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You’re all wrong. The answer is Joel Hodgson who has appeared in 100+ MST movies and shorts.


Merritt Stone!! :rofl:


bzzt. Trace Beaulieu.


If you’re going with Trace, then I change my answer to Kevin Murphy.


If we include voices, someone has to do the math on the epies where both did double doots – NOT IT!

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You’re always on top of this Opti!


I’ll add Anthony Cardoza. The Hellcats, The Skydivers, Beast of Yucca Flats, Red Zone Cuba.


Heh, tryin’, anyways, despite my best efforts. :smiley: Thank ya kindly!

Coleman Francis joins him in that amount. He appeared in all three of his own movies AND was the deliveryman in This Island Earth!


I forgot about Coleman in The Movie! Good catch!


Reiko Kasahara was in three of the Gamera movies. Gamera vs Gaos, Gamera vs. Guiron, and Gamera vs. Zigra…I found out because she shares a birthday with me. 7-20.


My first thought when I saw this thread was that it’s got to be a Corman regular, probably Jonathan Haze.


Now if we add Rifftrax into the mix, the answer might be one of the Carradeans.

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According to the network graph, there are eight actors at the top of the list with five appearances. However, this graph relies on the often-incomplete IMDb listings, so there will be others. For example, Shin Minatsu is in Gamera vs. Jiger but not listed on the movie page.

  • Peter Graves
  • Paul Frees
  • Jonathan Haze
  • Bruno VeSota
  • Ed Nelson
  • Nello Pazzafini
  • Akira Natsuki
  • Doug McClure

The last is kind of an edge case, because both Master Ninja movies point to a single listing on IMDb , causing double-counting.


I want to say Bella Lugosi, because he was in the other serial they did (I can’t quite recall the name, but I think it was called ‘the creature stalks’ or something…

and I mean If you also want to include the mentions of his Biography in the Bear Manner Media ads then it’s even higher…

If you want to go with who’s appeared the most in episodes period (including host segmants) I’d go with Mike, because in addition to his host tenure, he also has all the various roles he played, (including Jack Perkins in the MST3K Hour Block)

If we’re including Rifftrax I want to say Donald Pleasance is at least in the running, (Halloween-Rifftrax,Treasure of the Amazon-Rifftrax, Pyumaman-MST3k, Warior of the Lost World-Mst3k, and Circus of Horrors-MST3K(live)

Actually if we’re including Riffing projects by MST3K Alumni I do think It might Go to Lugosi…

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If we also included The Mads, I think I might go to Lugosi…